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Qualified best Electricians and Emergency Electrical Engineers from City and Guilds 

All of our best electricians are qualified from City and Guilds to solve our customers technical emergency problems all of our best electricians are approved with BS 7671 which is an electrical installation regulation with the latest government regulations

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No Call Out Charge Offer

Grip Electric limited is offering No Call Out Charge Offer which means we do not charge for the visit. we only charge for fixing the problem if any work is carried out

When do you need an electrician?

People find it difficult to decide to call someone in charge of emergency electricity. Sometimes they do not know if it is a real emergency. Here are some common uninterruptible power supply problems that need to be addressed.

  • An unknown burning smell in the house
  • The power switch or outlet is hot
  • A circuit breaker trips multiple times
  • The light flashes constantly
  • Echoes are emitted from the output or switch
  • Someone got an electric shock
  • There is a partial and permanent loss of electricity in the house.
  • Your power panel is wet

We are providing:

  • 24 Hours emergency call or text.
  • Electricians are always available in your area.
  • Friendly, helpful, and trusted staff.
  • No call-out fees
  • Arriving within just 30 minutes.
  • Storage heater repairs and Installations
  • Fire / Surge harm crisis repairs. 
  • Extra lights, attachments, and rewires. 
  • Circuit repairs and installations. 
  • Fuse board upgrades. 
  • Fault finding and diagnostics.
  • Electric cooker installations. 
  • Lighting establishments and repairs. 
  • External lighting and electrical systems. 

No Work as well huge or little. We consider any type of electrical installation so please give us a call if you need an

Seven Important reasons

  • Knowledgeable, technical fully experienced, and skilled.
  • In just 30 minutes, we make sure your electrician arrives at your door.
  • Friendly, accommodating, reliable…
  • We do not contract anybody we would not have work interior our claim homes.
  • Neat, clean, and formally dressed for safety and security.
  • Trained in genuine client service… not lip service.
  • Top-notched inconvenience shooters who specialize in sparing you time and cash



Living in a home is a hard task, we don’t know everything to work best for us. The working of somethings like electric oven will stop working sometimes, that would cause a lot of trouble. So, we recommend you to use the thing according to a proper set pattern so that it doesn’t cause trouble so early for you. For any queries regarding the technicalities in the Northern Ireland, you have a lot of companies to choose from which do a diverse type of electrical work and provide the supreme electrical services. In our field, the electrical electricians are renowned from their rate jobs if they are working in some electrical ltd electricians’ strain in domestic commercial level and gives off their work on the hourly rate. We own the heating engineer with a good read reviews, you can guess from that, how much good we are as electrical contractor and carpenter joiner in the field of domestic commercial and industrial areas. We perform the task in the commercial and industrial field with full care and vigilance so, the problem related to it can’t be caused again. In the point of understanding, we fully know about the maximum problem that could be created in the domestic and commercial area as the good electrical contractors with years experience in this field of understanding and curing the problems. In case of electrical installation to be done, electrical work should be done well on the commercial and industrial scale. The full surety is about our electrical service, as we have years experience in working of electrical installations. If you wanted to find an electrician, we don’t waste your time and money in any case, we are renowned niceic registered worker and high quality work pattern in the surrounding areas. We have been considered as niceic approved in providing the most flexible terms and conditions to our users and our users trust us as reliable electrician in the south west. We have an electrical company which fully support the inspection and testing of family run businesses and domestic electrical needs. We own our electrical services and gives a full heart to work so that It would be a lot more beneficial for you when we visited you as a role of electrical electricians. You can also check our technician’s rate jobs which they have done with other clients under the vigilance of our grip electrical ltd electricians. We always choose fully qualified and nice worker while operating the domestic commercial strains at hourly rate. For the purpose of other jobs, we also hired the heating engineer who can solve your problems, also for them and reputation you can read reviews as electrical contractor and carpenter joiner in the field of domestic commercial and industrial work style. The domestic and commercial work by electrical contractors is done with so much care as we have years experience while doing the electrical installation in the homes and offices and other electrical work in the other setups of the commercial and industrial field. The electrical services at us are really wrapped up with year experience in doing the electrical service while handling the electrical electricians and rate job for the electrical ltd electricians who are fully qualified to work on the domestic commercial scale on the basis of hourly rate.  Our heating engineer work best, as we say maybe you won’t believe but you should go on our website and read reviews as electrical contractor and carpenter joiner while doing domestic commercial and industrial work. In doing the domestic and commercial electrical contractors with wide years of experience in the electrical installation and other electrical services as electrical electricians.

According to the rate jobs, as electrical ltd electrician, we are not only fully qualified domestic commercial engineers at hourly rate but also, we are heating engineer who can do all kind of heating stuff and wont cause you much problem. You must go and read reviews in the gross field of electrical contractor as carpenter joiner. The electrical services we offer as the electrical electrician is much rate jobs. The full qualified electrical ltd electricians in the domestic and commercial field at hourly rate as heating engineer in giving the electrical services as electrical jobs and if you have done some work at us, rate jobs and support the working the electrical ltd electricians. We are to be fully qualified domestic commercial electrical services provider as electrical electrician.

 Want some electrical services? Or sick of ill working electrical electricians. You must go for us, actually the way of our working is quite good and awesome. When we do some job, what we do is to get rate jobs according to our customer reviews so that it would be good for upcoming clients to choose best among our technicians. In every regard, grip electrical ltd electricians are fully qualified and to do domestic commercial work at the hourly rate. We offer all kind of heating engineer for the work at your boiler and heating setup, you can also go and read reviews over it as electrical contractor. We also hold a cooperation as carpenter joiner for the completion of domestic commercial and industrial work. We are expert in dealing with the domestic and commercial setup as electrical contractors. The years of experience in the immerging field of electrical installation is so great with us that you must find it interesting with us to work for your electrical work in either commercial and industrial stuff. Th work of electrical contractors with a wide year of experience in the electrical installation and other electrical work, find an electrician who is niceic registered and gives a very high quality services in your surrounding area, so we are the one who are continuously has been giving the best services in every field of technicalities in the your nearby. We hold a very high quality job services as an electrical company, we help the family run companies in their inspection and testing in the domestic electrical issues and to work best for their optimum electrical safety as a sole trader and companies. As the emergency electrician, we work best among the whole UK’s emergency electricians. in the north west, we hold such a good reputation in the process of vehicle charging and recharging, you can more probably find us in the Coventry electricians. We hold a local registered company for the welfare and complete coverage of smart home, we own the willful local electrician who can work in the electrical heating and gives off the quality services in the setting of air conditioning refrigeration and for best conditioning refrigeration. We hold a complete cookie policy; we give you a complete platform for you to post your job for an electricity issue while run business and we are trying to make a way for being making the satisfied customers as we love when our consumers trust us. While finding a reliable electrical repairs technician, make sure you have checked his work quality and knows its work ethic through other people in the installation electric appliances and to make a due electrical job. We have been working with traders and companies and know better about pest control material in the west midlands, which is a house to pest and all insect so business products related to food and beverages. We are approved contractors and we have a shear and wide knowledge of building regulations about the electric underfloor systems. We are a fully insured company who work on improving the problems and changing of fuse box and to cure the problems related to door entry. In the electrical testing of family run business, we help them max in regard of registered electrical strain and help them improve their security systems in the planning permission in a wide range of advice centre. We work on the betterment of public liability by finding a reliable electrician. We also work with the sole traders in working and repairing of their electric underfloor heating setup in the west London.  We have been working to space up the problems of electric oven being used in the local vendors and restaurants in the Northern Ireland. You have much companies to choose from, but we have a certain charm and attraction as we give a large type of electrical solutions and work for the electric cars. We are niceic approved contractor in doing the electrical services including the electrical solutions about lighting electric and other electrical conditions of worthwhile objects.  We have wealth of experience in the field of common electrical jobs and electrical systems of localities of west Yorkshire. We do appliance testing for measuring the cause and problems related to it. For electrical installation condition, you need our expert advice for the update wiring regulations and installation repair in the Birmingham west as commercial and industrial electrical system we make it fast and efficient at our installation condition as a registered company. For new consumer, we hold the best underfloor heating electrical installation with public liability insurance upon the homebuyer survey to make the renewable energy by the niceic approved contractors in the area find us now for condition reports of carbon monoxide in the consumer units of north London. For the portable appliance testing, we have dedicated the electrician electricians by our established company to help get the best testing pat in the electrical installation sector for correct pat testing and new fuse on the consumer unit to due solve the common electrical problems in the England and wales. The heating electrical property is also merged properly in Newcastle upon tyne for different type of electrical services with safety certificates on the highest standards of light fitting and light switches in the 18th edition of services in commercial and domestic field either big or small in the trade associations. We met completely on the industry standards in the electrician in the west which work for domestic properties and also in the industrial sectors in the London west. We keep the high standards of services for fire alarms and electric shower and our work is guaranteed for commercial work through video doorbell in installing a new and liability insurance in the east London for industrial electrical issues and work on the safety checks and in the underfloor heating electrical through trusted traders in getting the done on the hot water and other garden design and provide other services including, major choosing an electrician an electrician in London by our registered electrician can be done by niceic domestic installer to create a services limited installation domestic goods and other portable appliance for commercial and domestic electrical in the local electrician for periodic inspection and appliance testing pat in the north west London. The periodic inspection in the appliance testing pat in the north west London. You can also the enjoy the services related to electric underfloor and other heating electrical quality work for great customer service in the new build homes and electric vehicle for complete conditions privacy about the power sockets and other job is too small, you no need to afraid and get our safety certificate in the electrical inspection and installation condition in the report eicr and electric vehicle charging as per required by law, you go and find a local electrician which report eicr with the range of services like new electrical goods with home maintenance and other industrial work, you need to be working in the electrical Santeria and other domestic installer at the point installation. We provide the high standard of portable appliance testing pat in the aspects of domestic electricians electrical. Find a local technician now for converging the installations sector and to get the condition report eicr in the commercial and industrial work and we are qualified and experienced in the socket outlets for London electricians with terms conditions privacy in the heating electrical installation with completely registered with the niceic and the company based work in the excellent job with quality service to find electricians in the electrical repair and other domestic and commercial work in the every mater how big or small in terms conditions of air conditioning with led lighting electric by the frequently asked questions with put you in touch for the installation work by the electricians in London electrician by the electrical advice by the faulty switches and new lights by the part p registered in the local area with a wide range of domestic electricians in Leicester electrician with complete health and safety.

We are certified electricians who work will be carried out in an extremely careful way in treating the electric shocks and sockets and switches and other home trades electricians we are napit approved too, for our services inquiry enter your postcode on our website and start date our events by niceic napit and leave a review after electrical appliances like plug socket done by our electricians in your area as electricians in Sheffield. Our company number is also visible on our web portal and on the uniform of electricians in Birmingham. We like tradespeople add for heating systems in the electrician cost in the London west London, we are team of electrician, who done work carried by our approved electrician for their commercial properties, we are also available on the app store for energy saving thing and other refurbishment projects, we are far enough qualified to carry the home trades in the domestic installers by the electrician in Coventry. The electricians carry the best services as Birmingham electricians as part p certification by the profile page on the led lighting and other safety check by our registered in England with correct date and time by the Birmingham west midlands. Also, in the London and Essex, we do great care while doing work and is approved by Trustpilot. Trustpilot is a platform of wonderful products also recommended by facebook twitter, we offer a professional in the process to install an electric device also shown in the frequently asked section by the full property in the estate agents and other electricians in Liverpool electricians. We hold devised terms of use privacy in the London south and for Liverpool electrician for fuseboards consumer by our frequency asked questions section. We are the best niceic contractor with electrical certificates in the home or business for competent person. We hold a staff which is very friendly quick in our services as registered electricians. The electricians in Bristol, to get find local electricians by the certification and reporting by the local authorities for our electricians work, as reliable electricians, we have listed on our website about the work has been carried out for new light and by the electrician electricians as a registered competent person in the installations electrical by some local company. We are part p registered electrician is a registered competent in the maintenance services in the high Wycombe as local tradespeople as the electrical condition reports in the niceic certification depends on the work and by the electricians in the nottingham as the competent person electrical for installing power in the Bristol electricians and previous work with complete privacy policy in the electrician in Manchester electricians and electricians in Leeds electricians. Find a local professional and reliable company with contractor assessed and work done of electricians in Manchester with exceptional service like us is quite impossible.

For working on a large property, we do the qualification and experience test before testing electrical hotel bars of electricians in Liverpool and south London along with nottingham electricians. Finding a local electrical installation condition report and other installation condition report by the electricians in Birmingham electricians. The electricians in London and electricians in Leicester do the wide range of customer reviews for our experienced engineers for reviewing a property and by our electrical ltd electrician. For their electrical circuit, we are letting agent to understand problems from the landlords letting a simple click and get the electrician services by our electricians in nottingham electricians. Electrician find a quick way to solve the problem also by electricians in Bristol electricians. The tripped fuse and electrical fault in other areas like electric cooker and with right reserved on the southend on sea for new socket and emergency lighting problems, you can let our electricians find the issue as they are the registered competent person electrical as per staged by the google play and with highest standard of hidden extras and not requirement for electrical work at your new home. The Leeds electricians do find the best among them and rest assured while to discuss your requirements for all kind of electrical solutions electricians in the hornchurch Essex and in the hotels bars and restaurants while doing the plug socket by person electrical without the need to find a trusted one for your dining room for the setting up of electrical issue and to work as trusted trader in the bars and restaurants and provide electrical installing electric goods by Manchester electricians. The electricians in Leeds are always feel happy with the work they do in the electrical services. You must rate job after our work by electrical ltd electricians, we do fully qualified domestic commercial hourly rate services as heating engineer and you can read reviews as electrical contractor with the carpenter joiner in the domestic commercial and industrial work in the domestic and commercial electrical contractors with years of experience in electrical installations. You can find an electrician who is niceic registered with very high quality services in surrounding areas. We are niceic approved with good terms and conditions and we are the foremost reliable electrician in the south west as the electrical company. The family run company do inspection and testing in the domestic electrical and electrical safety work as the sole traders and companies who has been working as emergency electrician. Emergency electrician in north west who do the vehicle charging and called as Coventry electricians, we have been relying as local registered for smart home and local electricians in the electric heating and other quality services such as air conditioning refrigeration and conditioning refrigeration with a graceful cookie policy. You can post your job and run business of satisfied customers in finding a reliable pair of technicians for electrical repairs and installation electric electrical jobs by the traders and companies for pest control in the west midlands. We are considered as approved contractors in the building regulations and electric underfloor system which is fully insured for underfloor heating and fuse box defects and also door entry.

The electrical testing and other family run business should be done by some registered electrical company and seek security systems advice as planning permission with a wide range of advice centre with a public liability and in finding a reliable electrician and sole traders in the electric underfloor heating in the west London. The electric oven in the Northern Ireland are the best companies to choose with a type of electrical system such as electric car and niceic approved contractor in the electrical services including the electrical solutions and lighting electric in the electrical condition maintenance in the wealth of experience by doing the common electrical jobs and doing and fixing the electrical systems in the west Yorkshire. We also perform the appliance testing and to work on the electrical installation condition with the expert advice about the wiring regulations and installation repair in the Birmingham west for commercial and industrial electrical system with fast and efficient services in the installation condition by our registered company as a new consumer you can find the best underfloor heating electrical installation with maximum public liability insurance by our homebuyer survey is confirmed that people wanted the renewable energy and with niceic domestic and commercial and industrial sectors approved services in delivering electrical devices as approved contractor and being niceic approved contractors are able to go areas find the condition reports and carbon monoxide consumer units in north London.

The portable appliance testing by the electricians. electricians are even by our established company which do best testing pat and work in electrical installations sector for pat testing and new fuse for consumer unit with common electrical system in the England and wales for heating electrical system in Newcastle upon tyne. There are a lot types of electrical services given by us with safety certificates and highest standards of light fitting and light switches and 18th edition in the commercial and domestic, big or small task in the trade associations with industry standards in the fire alarms and electric shower and work is guaranteed at us that commercial work is also carried with complete care and vigilance. We completely recover and redefine the video doorbell and can help in installing a new one with a liability insurance in the east London and other industrial electrical system with complete safety checks for underfloor heating electrical stove and by our trusted traders in hot water management or garden design, we give the services including these one while choosing an electrician. The electrician in London are considered as registered electrician for niceic domestic installer and other services limited including the installation domestic pots and other portable appliance at commercial and domestic electrical by local electrician for periodic inspection and other appliance testing pat in the north west London for electric underfloor heating electrical with quality work and gives gracefully the customer service for new build houses and electric vehicle with conditions privacy. The work of power socket either the job is too small but we do with the safety certificate in the electrical inspection and installation condition with report eicr in the new electrical and home maintenance in the industrial work. While working in the electrical areas either domestic installer or point installation, we keep the high standard ahead while portable appliance testing pat in the aspects of domestic electricians electrical. Find a local for condition report for light switch in the Milton Keynes with complete peace of mind.

The electrical safety certificates in the installations sector with a complete condition report eicr for commercial and industrial work by the qualified and experienced worker in the socket outlets as London electricians with strong terms conditions privacy in the heating electrical installation and registered with the niceic company based and gives off the excellent job with max quality service. If you need to find electricians, for any kind of electrical repair in the domestic and commercial work, no matter how big or small terms conditions applied. While treating the air conditioning and other electrical services, we are the electrical electricians who rate jobs in the electrical ltd electricians who are fully qualified in the domestic commercial scale and work on the hourly rate as heating engineer and read reviews on the electrical contractor and carpenter joiner in the domestic commercial and industrial scale, domestic and commercial scale electrical contractors with years experience in the electrical installations and go find an electrician who is niceic registered and do high quality work in the surrounding areas. Being niceic approved is a very good thing and with so much flexible terms and conditions by our most reliable electrician in the south west an electrical company who support the family run company and their inspection and testing at domestic electrical scale. The electrical safety of product is necessary by the sole traders and companies as emergency electrician. The emergency electricians at us like in north west do the vehicle charging by the name of Coventry electricians as local registered smart home engineer and other local electricians who work in electric heating and other quality services like air conditioning refrigeration and conditioning refrigeration with updated cookie policy. You have the chance to post your job and run business without worry of satisfied customers in finding a reliable worker for electrical repairs. For the installation electric products and other electrical jobs for trades and companies for the work of pest control in the west midlands by our approved contractors in the building regulations for electric underfloor in the fully insured environment for fuse box and door entry in the electrical testing and to help the family run business by our registered electrical worker in curing of security system of your home or workplace.

We work best in the defined limits of work ethics and other satisfactory work trials. You can come and check the other’s people experiences about us in planning permission with a very wide range of services. We also hold the systemic craze for advice centre where we define everything for you in getting the public liability and help you in finding a reliable electrician by sole traders and help in working of electric underfloor heating in the west London.

For the correct finding of electricians in London electricians combined with good team of electricians as per approved electricians by authorities in doing the common job. The electricians in Leicester electricians also do well job as qualified and experienced engineers also over the social media.  We have been known as electricians in Coventry as per the rating of Trustpilot. Trustpilot is as platform where the rating tells the quality of services and recommendation by other consumers but we are on the top of list in rating and recommendation as our work is matchless. The electricians in Manchester electricians of our headquarters also have same qualifications and experience in this field. We also work as fuseboards consumer units in the bathroom kitchen and as Leicester electricians, we work to improve rewiring a property as said by letting agents. You can find us by simply click on our website on google. If you have been feeling you need a better work for your electricity, so we won’t disappoint you in any case. We complete all the requirements for electrical machines such as plug sockets by our electricians. Electricians work to improvise the installation condition of products working at your home. Also, we work to report eicr by our electricians. Electricians due to their command on the installation condition give best report eicr.