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Do Night Storage Heaters Really Work?

Electric Night Storage Heaters are becoming increasingly popular as a solution to the cold weather. But do they really work? And how do they affect the environment? Here are some tips. First, you should install a wall-mounted night storage heater that has controls at the top edge. That way, adults will be able to operate the unit safely, but toddlers will have a difficult time reaching the controls. Second, you should consider the size and type of your night storage heater.

Electric storage heaters

The most important feature of electric storage heaters for night storage is the ability to control their output. Most models have an input and output control. The input control determines how much heat the heater stores overnight, while the output control dictates how much heat is released. The control can be operated manually, automatically, or both. In addition, storage heaters can have an electric heater integrated in them. The latter is a good option when space is limited but heat is still needed during the day.

How they work

If you want to save money on electricity costs, you may want to look into night storage heaters. These devices are often called night storage heaters because they use electricity during the off-peak hours. The off-peak hours vary by provider, but they are usually between 10:00pm and 8:00am. These hours allow you to run the heater without paying for the extra electricity. And because the cost of electricity during the day is higher than during the night, you will save money on your electric bill every month.


While a night storage heater can keep your house warm during the day, it is not an ideal choice for people who work during the day. These heating devices release the majority of their heat at night, when the house is empty. Since they are not as energy efficient as an electric radiator, you'll have to pay more to use this heater during the day, and you'll lose out on cheaper night-time tariffs.

Environmental impact

A recent study suggests that the use of smart storage heaters could reduce the energy consumption of homes by up to 20%. In fact, the manufacturer of UK storage heaters estimates that smart storage heaters can meet up to 50% of the demand by 2040, which is comparable to pumped hydro schemes. However, it is unclear whether smart storage heaters can actually replace pumped hydro schemes. In any case, the study suggests that the use of night storage heaters has great potential to improve energy efficiency.