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socket and switch relocation or repair or new installation

We can help you with your socket and switch relocation or repair. We have a new installation as well if that's what is needed!

relocation of sockets and switches can be difficult, which is why it's important to hire an experienced professional if you need this done.
The right equipment will make your life easier in many ways - especially when there are power outages or other problems at home due to the relocation process taking place during times when things should already have been fixed!

Standard benefits:
- We'll help you relocate or repair your sockets and switches quickly and easily.
- We can even install new sockets and switches for you.
Emotional benefits:
- We understand how important it is to have a safe and functional home.
- We're here to help make your life easier, so you can focus on the things that matter most.

we are offering the following services for sockets and switches 


  • Repair

  • Inspection

  • Testing

  • installation

  • Commercial

  • Maintenance

  • Complete Rewiring

  • Partial Rewiring

  • Complex Rewiring

  • Simple Rewiring

  • Full shop Rewiring

What You Should Know About Socket and Switch

You've probably heard a lot about the types of sockets and switches that are available, but you may be confused by the various types and configurations. So here are a few points you should know about sockets and switches. You'll also learn about their configurations and earth. But do you really know what each one is? And what is their role? You might be able to do it yourself, but if you're not confident, you should call an electrician for assistance.

Electrical safety

To keep your kids safe, you should teach them the importance of electrical safety. If you do not understand the importance of electrical safety, you can kill them by exposing them to electric current and voltage. Hence, you should not try to change the light bulb without unplugging it first. Also, do not try to plug a lamp into a socket if you have wet hands. In addition, stay away from the power station or warn your children not to climb around it.

Electrical outlets are an indispensable part of our daily lives. Safety technology is present in all outlets, but you should still be careful while handling them. Only use unbroken cords and call an electrician if you notice excessive heat or sparks. In general, electrical safety is a monthly event, not a one-day affair. But if you're still unsure, check out these tips to stay safe. You will be glad you did.

It's crucial to follow the safety practices of sockets and switches. Only qualified workers should be allowed to touch exposed parts. OSHA has established standards for these practices to protect people from electric shock. In addition, qualified workers must know how to differentiate exposed live parts of electrical equipment. You also need to know how to identify live and dead parts of these devices. When you're working around electricity, you're more likely to get injured. To keep your employees safe, always be sure to follow these guidelines.

Electrical safety of socket and switch is essential to keep your home safe. Incorrect wiring could lead to electrical accidents. By following these tips, you can ensure that your appliances will stay safe and keep your home safe. A few safety tips can make a huge difference in your life. If you're worried that a small electrical problem can result in a fire, call an electrician to check your appliances. They can check your electrical wiring for water leaks and accumulated debris.


There are various types of sockets and switches in the modern electrical market. They are available in different types and quality, with varying performance. You need to know how to choose the right type of electrical equipment for your needs, including safety and quality. It is important to consider factors such as the manufacturer and materials to ensure a good and long-lasting product. To understand the basic functions of these products, check out the table below.

Plugs are generally shaped to prevent finger contact with live parts. Sockets are often recessed to fit into a recess, and the insulation can reduce exposure to energized metal. Sockets may also include switches and fuses. For extra safety and convenience, you may also choose sockets with automatic shutters. And if you're buying a new electrical appliance, remember to read the instruction manual before buying.

Plugs and sockets are made of different materials. A 3 pin electrical socket is grounded and used primarily in the United States, the UK, and many European countries. It has a 16-amp socket outlet structure and a voltage range of 220-240 V. Plugs with two rounded-pins are compatible with this type of outlet. Plug types F and E aren't compatible with 3 pin sockets.

Plugs and sockets can combine male and female contacts. For example, a CEE 7/5 plug features a circular recess and two round holes. An earth pin projects out of the socket before the energized contacts come into contact with it. Consequently, the earth pin must be offset by ten millimeters. Plugs, on the other hand, have pins measuring 4.8 by 19 mm and an aperture for the socket's projecting earth pin.


If you're buying a new home appliance, you'll probably be wondering about the differences between the socket and switch configurations. The first difference is in the type of connections. Sockets and switches can be used for a variety of functions, and the configurations of sockets and switches can affect how you use them. In most cases, you can choose between two types of connectors and make use of either one.


An Earth socket and switch are the most common electrical devices that come with the earthing feature. These switches and sockets are designed to prevent electrical current from flowing to the other side of the device when the plug is not in place. The earth pin is the longer of the two and does not fit in any other slot. The two others are for live and neutral. The earth pin is slightly longer than the other two and cannot fit in the socket's live or neutral slots.

The difference between an earth and a neutral may result from the type of grounding system in a house. A TT grounding system or a metal armor or conduit may cause this difference. To determine whether your switch or socket is grounded, consult an electrician. Copper conductors, galvanized steel rods, and brass cable clamps are some of the materials commonly used for cable and socket construction. A tamper-resistant Earth socket and switch is an ideal solution for many homes and commercial properties.

An Earth socket and switch should have a metal stunt box or boxed housing to keep the plug and socket isolated from the surrounding wires. In addition to shielding from electricity, an Earth socket and switch should also contain a grounding mechanism. This will prevent the earthing wire from accidentally electrifying the switch casing. This prevents electrocution and can save lives. A good way to ensure that your switch is grounded is to ensure that its pins are connected.

The earth pin is longer than the live pin and serves a double purpose. It is the first pin that makes contact with the socket when it is inserted, and the last pin to disengage. An Earth-pin operated shutter will also keep children and pets from inserting conducting materials in the socket, which can result in an electric shock. However, you should never touch the live and neutral pins while you're working. If the Earth pin is faulty, the MCB may trip, causing an electrical shock and damage to the equipment.

Neon indicator light

A mains socket or power strip with a neon indicator light will usually glow when there is a small alternating current (typically 1 or 2mA). The neon light is filled with a gas known as neon that glows red when the current passes through it. The gas is an inert substance so there is no filament or heating element, so when the power goes off, the light remains solid and the light is orangey red in colour.

Almost every electrical device has an indicator lamp, also known as a pilot light. Although Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are now commonly used for this purpose, the neon lamp still makes a strong case for its place in AC mains indicators. If you're wondering whether the neon bulb is the right one for your application, read on! Listed below are some examples of neon indicator lights and how to spot them.

The basic type of pilot neon light switch is wired much like the combination switch and outlet device. It has a break-away fin tab on the switch's frame, and its wiring is similar to the one used on light fixtures. The live wire goes to the black terminal on the line side, and the break-away fin tab between the two black terminals should be intact. The switch's load terminal is used to connect the light fixture or an exhaust fan.

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I absolutely loved my experience with Grip Electric Limited's socket and switch installation services! They were so professional and efficient, and the whole process was super easy. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who needs socket or switch installation services. Thanks, Grip Electric Limited!


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We recently had the pleasure of using Grip Electric Limited for socket and switch installation services and we could not be happier! The work was completed quickly and to a high standard, and the team were so friendly and helpful throughout. We would highly recommend Grip Electric Limited to anyone looking for a professional, efficient and affordable electrical services provider. Thank you so much for your excellent service!


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I recently had the pleasure of using Grip Electric Limited for a socket and switch installation in my home, and I could not have been happier with the results. The work was done quickly and professionally, and the finished product looked great. I would highly recommend Grip Electric Limited to anyone in need of electrical work. Thanks so much for a job well done!