Circuit breaker keeps Tripping?

Troubleshooting Steps for Tripping Circuit Breaker

Step 1: Identification of the problem

The first step towards rectifying the issue is identifying the type of the problem – whether it's an overload, a short circuit, or a ground fault.

Step 2: Unplug All Appliances 

Unplug all the appliances connected on the circuit. This will prevent any further damage before proceeding with the troubleshooting.

Step 3: Resetting the breaker

Next, go to the circuit breaker box. You'll notice the tripped breaker in the middle position or down. If not then Turn the all the breaker entirely 'off' before flipping it 'on.' It will reset the system.

Step 4: Testing the circuit

Now is the time to check if the problem is fixed. Turn on the electrical devices one by one. If the circuit breaker doesn’t trip again, it was likely a simple overload. But if it trips again, it implies a more severe problem like a short circuit or ground fault, needing professional attention.

Step 5: Diagnosis and repair by a professional

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