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Qualified best Electricians and Emergency Electrical Engineers from City and Guilds 

All of our best electricians are qualified from City and Guilds to solve our customers technical emergency problems all of our best electricians are approved with BS 7671 which is an electrical installation regulation with the latest government regulations

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No Call Out Charge Offer

Grip Electric limited is offering No Call Out Charge Offer which means we do not charge for the visit. we only charge for fixing the problem if any work is carried out

When do you need an electrician near me?

People find it difficult to decide to call someone in charge of emergency electricity. Sometimes they do not know if it is a real emergency. Here are some common uninterruptible power supply problems that need to be addressed.

  • An unknown burning smell in the house
  • The power switch or outlet is hot
  • A circuit breaker trips multiple times
  • The light flashes constantly
  • Echoes are emitted from the output or switch
  • Someone got an electric shock
  • There is a partial and permanent loss of electricity in the house.
  • Your power panel is wet

We are providing:

  • 24 Hours emergency call or text.
  • Electricians are always available in your area.
  • Friendly, helpful, and trusted staff.
  • No call-out fees
  • Arriving within just 30 minutes.
  • Storage heater repairs and Installations
  • Fire / Surge harm crisis repairs. 
  • Extra lights, attachments, and rewires. 
  • Circuit repairs and installations. 
  • Fuse board upgrades. 
  • Fault finding and diagnostics.
  • Electric cooker installations. 
  • Lighting establishments and repairs. 
  • External lighting and electrical systems. 

No Work as well huge or little. We consider any type of electrical installation so please give us a call if you need an electrician near me.

Seven Important reasons

  • Knowledgeable, technical fully experienced, and skilled.
  • In just 30 minutes, we make sure your electrician arrives at your door.
  • Friendly, accommodating, reliable…
  • We do not contract anybody we would not have work interior our claim homes.
  • Neat, clean, and formally dressed for safety and security.
  • Trained in genuine client service… not lip service.
  • Top-notched inconvenience shooters who specialize in sparing you time and cash



In the world of electricity and the world of electrical services, we are on the top list. We provide all the services regarding electrical installation in your spotted location. There are too many companies that provide services your demand and having callout charges but they don’t assure you the quality and liability of their work because they only provide the electric equipment and the electrician that you choose at your own risk.


We are superior in the market of electricity because we provide services, electricity, and electricians and also assure you from our work. The type of work and number of the electrician depends on your location because we entertain each type of electrical contractor and the contract contains each type of electrical services so that you satisfy with our work. In this para, we are discussing ourselves and our services that we provide to our clients so that customers don’t feel trouble in finding a reliable electrical company, because electrical companies are known for their services and customer satisfaction.

 We make an electrical trade between the customer and ourselves so that the deal may end with customer satisfaction. In the field of the electrical industry, a customer finds the best and best because it is a matter of their safety and we feel proud to say to you that we are approved contractors of the electrical trade.


There are many competitors in the market that provide you similar services like us but they have not approved contractors or they have no valid license for electricity trade, so keep your eyes open before making a trade with that type of contractor and always chose the best and reliable electrical contractors.


In all the above parts we were discussing the services and we were giving you some knowledge about ourselves. Let us discuss something more about us so that you have much more clearness about ourselves and you can feel free before choosing us.

Before completing the know-how sections I want to tell you some extra features of our company that make us different from other companies. Here are some features……

Public liability insurance is our first and top priority and we make sure that customers may satisfy with our services.


We provide both services for local and commercial electrical.


Quality work is provided on industry standards.


 A sole trader company has sign of high-quality work and we work on a large scale.


You don’t need to worry if you have a small project, we also have a department that deals with the home electrical that provide quality as we provide on commercial projects.

We don’t feel hesitant for attaining any type of project whether it is local or commercial because it is the sign of an approved contractor and registered electrical.

If you need some domestic electrical installations and you have some electrical work required, you don’t need to go anywhere because you are in the right place that provides professional services. So you can easily trust trusted traders and approved electrical contractors as you know that we are a reliable electrical company.


Year of experience proves that we provide quality. 


 We were discussing the above paragraph about our quality of services. Now we will discuss further more about the main services that we provide to our customers that is the facility of expert electricians in our company as we are also electrical ltd electricians. Electricity is the need of the day and we all know that we are nothing without electricity and the entire world and the working is moving around the electricity, so it has much importance in our life.


 We can say that life is breathing with electricity and the world make much more success in the field of electricity like the adventure of the electric car which works with electricity and we can recharge it with electricity. Like an electric car, there are many adventures of electricity. In the last of the article we will discuss more the adventures of the electricity but now come to the point.


Imagine you are constructing a building and you know that your project is incomplete without electricity, and for this, you need two main things one is electric products and the other is expert and well-trained electricians. So firstly I have to clear your mind about the electricians that must be expert in fault finding and can be able to complete his work with more perfection. Before choosing the electrician you must know about the expertise and hourly rate of that electrician so that you may not face trouble about the electrical work because you know it is a matter of electrical safety. As there are many electricians in the market and all say that they are experts in their work but before choosing them you have to choose the approved electrician and especially professional electrician that knows about the electrical maintenance.



     This council provides online certification regarding training and electrical contracting in the UK. The NCIEC provides local authorities approval to offer those persons to work in other countries to work as an electrician in the electrical industry.

It is located near the headquarters of Costa Coffee and Whitbread, north of the industrial estate in Dunstable.

The Electrical contractors with NCIEC to become an approved contractors, after meeting the criteria of the NCIEC training. If the way of work doesn’t meets the standard with NCIEC then the authority correct it first and then give them certification. The work is authorized by 54 local area engineers. Many local authorities only give contract to the NCIEC approved electricians.

To be a certified contractor, the electrician must:

  • Make sure practical work is according to edition of BS 7671: the IET Wiring Regulations
  • Make sure that certificate must be awarded after completion of installation work.
  • Have the up-date copy of the edition.
  • Must have public liability insurance.


After the 16th edition in place 1991 next edition published named 17th edition. The updated edition of the Wiring related regulations- the 17th edition will be available in market on January 2008. The latest edition will contains all material about the electrical installations.

17th edition will contain:

Changing of socket outlet in the bathroom

Updating the regulations to cover new domestic premises.

Including the Power supply systems and heating system.


18th Edition Learning Courses

We have partnership with JTL, are the largest learning providers in England and Walves, offering for 18th Edition training solutions, and this addition contains new virtual classrooms are available and we support personal and professional development.

Be a certified 18th edition Qualification, you will need to attend a 2 hours class attained by City and Guild exams.

18th edition have following types of courses:

  1. 18th edition Blended Learning


This course offer you to full access to 18th edition online course, you can learn at you location before joining face to face class or virtual class of 1 day update course and have exam.


  1. 18th edition full course


This is full 3 day course designed for electricians and contractors and those persons who are willing to have full knowledge L3 award in the electrical installations. This qualification provide in-depth of IET Wiring regulations.

               This course is available online and in classroom for 3 days.

  1. 18th edition update course


It is 1 day course especially designed for those who are already working in the electrical industry and already completed 17th edition. The updated courses provide them an overview of latest edition.


Electric Vehicles

The use of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles are growing day by day and the number of charging points are also increasing day by day. Research shows that in next 5 years this number will increases 10 times. Current ratio of electric cars are 2% and in next five years it will increased up to 10%.

This increase number provide an opportunity for well trained and approved electricians to enhance their business by installing charge points at their premises, at kerbside, at their workplace, commercial premises

If you have an Electrical vehicle and now you are available to apply for the electrical vehicle home charge scheme which provides funding up to 75% for the cost of installing charge point at your own location.

Eligibility criteria for the fund are that installer must be niceic domestic installer or approved contractor by niceic and owner must have attend the appropriate training offered by niceic.





Here are some recommendations for choosing the electrician for your project:




  • A professional electrician who is friendly and reliable
  • Can charge the hourly rate as per your budget
  • Know the rules of health and safety
  • Must be a qualified electrician
  • Can work both locations like commercial and domestic.
  • Can know about the appliances testing after completing the project.
  • Experience in electrical is the key point before choosing the electrician for your project.
  • Must know about the perfect panel installation.
  • Must know about the wiring regulations.
  • Must be differing from the local electricians for example a professional electrician is a registered electrician from the local government.
  • High-quality work is a sign of a professional electrician.


In the above discussion, we tell you some qualities of an experienced electrician so that you can choose the best and expert. There are two main types of location, one is domestic and the other is commercial so the electrician for both locations can be chosen according to the location. Domestic and commercial projects take different periods, so keep in mind that you are choosing the idle and experienced electrician for your location because commercial electrical installations differ from domestic and commercial can only be done by the electrical engineers and domestic can also be done by the experienced electricians.


Commercial locations have some different requirements regarding electric types of equipment as compared to domestic locations for example CCTV installation is compulsory in commercial areas and much more. Domestic electrical work can only be done by certified and well-experienced electricians so that you may not get into trouble in an electrical emergency because they provide services including appliance test pat and portable appliance testing pat

So you can feel free to contact them because they are contractor-based and their service including 24 hours a day. In case of sparks electric, you can immediately call them and will attain charges and provide you electrical repair and this may be cost-effective.

Highly experienced electricians prove themselves from works and this causes your peace of mind so always choose the best. Experienced electrician chooses high-quality products as their work is high standard.


As we are discussing the relation of electrician and type of location, let’s discuss furthermore.

Many companies are only electrical services electricians that only provide electrician for all the type of project. They are services electrician and their services include electrical testing, installation of Port Talbot, fuse board, Neath Port Talbot, iee wiring and installation services. These types of companies only provide electric services so you can choose the emergency electricians for electrical works at any time you need because they are reliable electricians and provide good electrical.


We are discussing the companies that only provide electrician services, I think you need more clearance about these types of companies. Their services including types of services of electrical services, experience working, rate including average hourly, installation electrical, both commercial and industrial electrical, also available local electrician, work according to wiring regulation, safety precautions against electric shocks, fire alarm, domestic maintenance and installations and they provide you condition report.

As you know that this is a job as too big and the work of great responsibility so move around surrounding areas to find the best and approved electricians who can perform a great job. If you are not able to go outside and want an electrician, then you don’t need to worry about choosing an electrician.

Commercial and industrial locations have some common requirements like installation of fire alarms, blind shutters, neath port, plug socket, light switch, led lighting, outdoor lighting and power sockets.




How you can find an electrician on smart phone?


Simply pick up your smartphone, install the mobile app to find an electrician. Sign up and insert your details and post a job, the result shows your local electricians that must have experienced working and they are registered with niceic.


Quotes from electricians say that this type of service is beneficial to find your local electrician. Simply submit your query in the app, the app will show you electrician work with the highest standard. These electricians perform inspection and testing first then provide you a report of what type of work is required.


 They are friendly and reliable so that you can gain each type of electrical service from them. They will provide you domestic maintenance and installation, solve your electrical problems and in the end, they will perform the installation testing. Niceic approved electrical to provide you all above-mentioned services so you are in safe hands for choosing them. Briefly describe the job description before finalizing the electrician.


Besides this, you can privately own the electrician by visiting the market. But the privately-owned electricians having no surety of work and it are not sure that they are a commercial electrician or domestic electrician and whether they provide services days a week as you want or not.

Many things need to be clear from their side of work before starting the work with you. They charge according to the condition of work because commercial and industrial electrical charges are different.

Free quotes are available for the electricians that are privately owned whether they provide high or low standard quality of work or not. Small electrical work can be done by small-scale electricians and can easily apply the electrical appliances safely.


Electrical inspection tells that first search and then chose the best and experienced electricians weather project needs commercial electrician or domestic electrician and always chose the niceic approved electrical.  


We provide the world’s best electricians……….  


 We were discussing the type of services and electricians available around you. How you can attain their services?    


Our services include electric appliances and all the type of electricians as per the demand of your electrical project and much more. Electrical job is the matter of your safety and our priority is your safety and we offer you low electrician cost for commercial domestic electricians. Costumer focused on best services.

 Excellent customers need excellent electricians and we provide excellent electricians. Domestic installers are our sign of quality because most of the customers are domestic customers and we provide excellent service to our domestic customers. Small projects like shops hotels need more work like there is lighting everywhere, so electricians need to minimize the maintenance fault.

For the basic services you don’t need any membership or accreditations, simply call us and tell us your location and our electrician will immediately reach your location because we are trusty traders. Our electricians perform inspection testing and check the lighting power and perform the assigned task. Time served electrician can performed task at the given time especially installation electrical or other tasks. The existing installation can also be replaced by our electricians and installing power can be performed by our electricians.


If you need an electrician for your new location and in your new kitchen many electrical types of equipment are needed to install underfloor heating needed to be install, then call us and we keep your health safety first then start work and we complete work until your satisfaction. Our electricians are certified electricians and their work will be carried with a high level and high standard. If there are large projects like housing projects then we provide a team of an electrician to the housing associations if they require an electrician and they work with their electrical expertise and they complete work until the costumer may satisfied and mostly costumer reviews about us are satisfied.


If you choose us then you can say that I find the best because we discuss your requirements first, for example, if you are willing for new home electrical at your location then we start from zero to complete, from your bath to door like a new kitchen to shower installation, etc. work will be carried with safety tests and it is the sign of a professional electrician and our all electricians are certified, electricians. We highly recommend you to see the previous work and previous report of the electrician before choosing the expert electrician in your area.


We are discussing the features of our electrician, let’s do more….



Our services are available for you from Monday to Friday, so you can contact us on these days at any time to register an electrician for your location. If you are feeling trouble finding us, you don’t need to worry because we are also available on social media and we make sure you will find expert and skilled electrician on one platform.  


Professional electricians mostly do electrical engineering and they do niceic certification and they perform their work with professionalism like new installations, emergency lighting, electrical installation, inspection maintenance, fault finding, installation of neath port talbot, etc. These professionals are friendly and reliable, qualified and experienced and they have years of electrical experience.


All above feature of electricians are available in our electricians, we choose skilled electrician that are competent person in the market and provide high quality by charging hourly rate. Safety tests are compulsory before starting work weather it is commercial and industrial. Emergency electricians are also available in our company and they present in your surrounding areas and they are also qualified electrician so if you location work required our best electricians are available in your surrounding areas. You don’t need to worry if you need any type of work like fit new equipment’s, installation repair, fault finding, installation of neath port talbot, maintenance work and other. We refine your search and provide you related services. Our electricians are qualified experienced and professional electrician.


Year of electrical experience shows that costumers believe on our services and we keep the costumer trust maintain. Because we provide you the services like the work required.

Our electrical are based in many locations




As we discuss more and more about the electricians and the features of electricians, I think after reading the article, you have clear idea about choosing the best electrician for you project because this job is as too big and this is the matter of your health and safety.


Now I have some suggestion about selecting the electrician for your project and I will also tell you, why people prefer to choose us?

Our experience working and electrical trade keep us on the top in the electrical industry because we are approved contractors and our previous costumers highly recommend us.

Always choose the expert electricians that that perform testing inspection first and then start working.

  • The electrician can perform cctv installation also. Inspection and testing is the sign of an expert electrician and professional electrician.
  • Experience in the electrical is the plus point before choosing the electrician.
  • Local electrician can also be selected on experience basis. In this case find your local that work quality is at highest standard and high quality.
  • Quotes from electricians tell that many people prefer to choose the registered electricians who provide quality no misconduct.
  • A company registered electrician is reliable electrician.
  • A company registered electricians are mostly electrical engineers and provide quality work.
  • An experienced electricians can both work in domestic and commercial markets, they can perform commercial electrical installations, electrical repairs, work in electrical emergency, avoid electrical shocks, perform installation and maintenance, can solve electrical problems easily.
  • Work from experienced electrician result in peace of mind.
  • Niceic approved workers perform their task very well because they got certification after getting training form niceic.
  • Approved electricians give you electrical solutions first then perform the related task.
  • An expert electrician knows about the wiring regulations and inserts the electrical equipment’s very well.
  • Experienced electrician is at good electrical standard and gives you all types of electrical services.
  • Choosing an electrician is not a big science, simply follow the instructions


Standard set by authorities


All over the region our services are provided on government rules and regulations and we move on with standards that are totally set by the local government. Rules and regulations are same for both domestic commercial and industrial locations. Years of experience prove that domestic and commercial projects are done by care and safety because we know the standards set by the government.

If you want to work independently in the electric industry you must be niceic registered and niceic approved.

In this section we’ll discuss about some standards set by the authorities to work in the electric industry.

Your company must be niceic approved and niceic registered and we are both especially for niceic domestic.

  • During working take care of consumer units.
  • Keep care while building services.
  • Because this job as too big so keep your quality and standard high.
  • You must have experienced working in the electric field.
  • Tell the terms and conditions to costumer before starting any type of work.
  • Inspection and testing is compulsory before starting electric project.
  • Keep your way of working and standard same weather project is big or too small.
  • Building regulations must be according to government standard.
  • Quality of work must be time served.
  • Service must be according to type of electrical demanded by costumer.
  • Update your service and quality with the time because people are moving toward smart homes, installation of electric heaters, control systems and solar panel.
  • You have to provide reliable electrical service.
  • Now a days, living rooms are digital and contains digital appliances so keep your work updated.
  • Electrical repair must be carried out with safety without harming anyone weather it is big or small.
  • Domestic properties are public properties so your electricians must be friendly and reliable and liability assurance must be provided to costumer by the company.
  • Industrial electrical projects must be carried out by the highly experienced electricians.
  • Working criteria for niceic domestic installers and for both commercial and domestic installer’s criteria are different so always follow the rules.
  • Electrical inspection must be carried out before installation and maintenance.
  • Eric condition report is compulsory for niceic approved contractors.
  • Install circuit breakers, fuse boards, hull Preston and spot lights in domestic locations to avoid any electrical problem.
  • Electrical solutions must be provided to costumers after testing and inspection.
  • Electrical system is totally different for commercial and industrial work so do your task with high standard.
  • If possible do pat testing, before or after the completion of project.
  • Portable appliance testing carried on outlet of your company because you portable appliances can fully repair and checked and then install at location.
  • Home automation should be done under the budget set by the costumer with high standard, don’t exceed from the budget.
  • Now electrical appliances need attention and care during installation.
  • Your range of services must be completed between start date and end date.
  • Keep yourself updated.



I have some key points that you must follow before choosing an electrician. Here are the key points you must follow:

Try to choose the local electrician so that it is also easy for him to travel at your location and can easily complete the project.

Choose that electrician that is fast and efficient so that he/she can complete your project with excellent service.

Try to take the electrician from the company from you have membership and accreditation.

Before finalizing the electrician check he/she has certification from local authorities and in case not available then reporting is your responsibility.

Certified electricians are contractor assessed.

Your top priority must be professional and efficient electrician.

If your project is at top level like housing association and you require an electrician or a group of electrician who work with electrical expertise and complete until your satisfaction so choose them after complete verification.

Choose the best companies whose responsibility is for providing electrical services.

Fault finding and maintenance are the key responsibility for an electrician.

If you have any doubt regarding service then request a quote and we’ll send you the answer of asked questions.

If your project is domestic then must choose those who are already working in domestic.

We are also located in London and surroundings of London like London east, west London, south London and north. We provide good quality of services in all around London.

All electric services are available in London, like installation of electric shower, electric heater, energy saving equipments, electric key, electric lights and fuse boards etc.

London electricians are also niceic registered.

Maintenance and fault finding are also includes in our service in London.

We provide excellent service at commercial premises and new home locations.

Home electrician knows the work ethic and they know the ethics for working at home.


Something about electricians and electrical contractors

   As we know that there are electrical contractors available in the market which offer electrical installations and electrical equipment’s for commercial and domestic and each having different terms and conditions. They are competitive and deal in all type of projects weather project is big or too small but they are cost effective. Most of the contractors make their nature friendly and reliable so that costumer feel free to give them contract. Cost effective projects like commercial projects which take time are different from domestic electrical projects so the contractors deal according to the type of project. Most of them are reliable electrical services limited and niceic approved electrical.

In commercial projects some major measurements are necessary after job description like first electrical contracting is done and then appliance testing and panel installation is done. Emergency electricians are also available in case of any emergency and wiring is just according to the iee wiring regulations.

In the home projects the electricians work like home electrical because these type of projects are different from the commercial and domestic projects. Electric equipment’s are different for example control systems, light switch, outdoor lighting, portable appliance testing, spot lights, power sockets, led lighting, home automation, electric heaters, neath port and neath port talbot. Electricians work in assigned hours by company. 

The requirements from different areas are different like the living standard of London are different so the electrical contractors deal and provide different type of services services according to the standard of people living there especially in east London and London west etc.

The process for all electrical contractors and electrical suppliers are same as our process.


Now I have some FAQ’s about our services and our electricians so that you get the answers of that question you have in your mind before choosing us.


  1. Which type of project do we deal?


       We deal all type of projects weather it is big or too small.


  1. Are we also provide Coventry electricians?


     Yes, we also provide Coventry electricians.


  1. How much experience in electrical field do we have?


    We have years of experience in electrical field.


  1. Do we also provide local electricians?


       Yes, if you want to find your local electrician that work with highest standards, this facility is              also provided by us.


  1. Are your electricians are reliable for home based projects?


        Yes we are reliable and we provide reliable electrical work for home based projects.


  1. Do your all electricians are approved?


Yes, we are approved electrical and our electricians are approved.


  1. Where we located?


We located all the locations nearby you, like North West, south east, south west, east succex, greater London, north London, London west, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, greater Manchester, New Zealand, south London west, Nottingham Sheffield, south lanarkshire, Birmingham west, and much more locations.


  1. Are you providing commercial electrical?


Yes, we are providing.


  1. What is your call out charges?


The charges depend on type of electrical services.



  1. How do you believe that you are trusty?


Quotes from electricians say that we are trusty and we are electrical ltd electricians.



The above frequently asked questions are said by our customers and we designed these frequently asked questions for you.

If you want to find more about us then stay tuned with us and read more to get answers of your questions.


Many questions are asked by our customers and I tried to summarize all the answers of the questions in next lines.


Questions like fault finding, hourly rate, electrical installation, and electrical services electricians, about our electrical work, about years of experience, electrical maintenance, commercial and industrial work and electrical contractors.


Now I’ll answer the above topic in this paragraph so that you can feel free to contact us.

As you know that we’re approved and provide approved electrician and we provide electrical work with electrical safety in commercial and industrial projects. Our years of experience and services electricians provide electrical work.


Fault finding is first priority set by us before starting the work. Hourly rate depend on type of work and type of electrician that you choose for your project. Years of experience results to develop a trust between customers and us.


As like hourly rate call out chargers depend on type of work, by mean hourly rate and call out charges have same sense in our type of work. Call out charges is some time different in case of emergency electrician. But call out charges are same when you want electric ltd electricians for commercial and industrial electric installation, we deal as an electrical contractors, because these type of projects are different from domestic commercial projects.


Electrical maintenance includes electrical installations like installations of Port Talbot, fuse board, neath port etc.


Electrical maintenance means that the checking and installing of equipment’s after regular intervals and electrical testing is done at regular intervals. This time is set by you.

At the end I think that you have much clear idea about our business and type of service that we provide to our customers, electrical ltd electricians provide electrical services on call out chargers.


Electrical installations and electrical serves are served by only electrical ltd electrician’s providers only.