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We all know that home security is important. There are many ways to make sure you’re safe and sound at night, but one of the most effective methods? An intrusion alarm! These devices will send off an alert if they detect any movement or break-in attempts on your property - which means there'll be no need for screams in order to get attention during emergencies (or even just after hours).

We know how important your home and family are. That's why we offer a wide range of security solutions to help keep you safe, including intrusion alarms that will wake up anyone within earshot with their high-party sound reception!

Standard benefits:
- Get alerted if someone breaks into your home.
- Protect your family and belongings.
Emotional benefits:
- Feel safe and secure in your own home.
- Sleep soundly at night knowing you're protected.

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burglar alarm

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An Intruder Alarm Can Keep You and Your Family Safe

An Intruder Alarm is a device that detects an intrusion in your home or school. These alarms can either detect a person or a vehicle entering the building. Depending on the type of alarm, you can choose between a Bells-only alarm and a Control panel that allows you to receive messages. Wireless transmission of the alarm message is another option available with an Intruder Alarm. However, this type of alarm isn't right for every home.


Detectors for intruder alarms can help keep you and your family safe. These devices detect unauthorized entry to a school or home. Detectors are essential parts of any security alarm system and should be considered for all types of premises. They are essential for a variety of reasons. Intruder alarms can detect unauthorized entry to a school or home and can make sure that the right people do not enter.

First, you should determine the grade of detection required by your insurer. After that, you should choose the type of detection suitable for your operational specifications and building. Detectors should be both easy to use and secure. Most people tend to focus on usability over security when choosing an alarm system. Therefore, it is important to choose a detector that suits both aspects of usability. When installing an intruder alarm, make sure you choose the correct detectors.

Detectors for intruder alarm are best suited for properties with a large amount of furniture and expensive appliances. Depending on your home's size, there are different types of motion detectors. For example, the tri-tech uses three sensors that detect movement at different heights. The detector can detect the movement of objects of up to 15m in height and 90 degrees at any angle. Its patented Independent Floating Threshold technology reduces the risk of false alarms caused by background noise. The temperature compensation feature of the detector is particularly useful for homes with multiple floors.

Control panel

A control panel for an intruder alarm monitors and controls all of the security components in your home. It processes signals from sensors like glass-break and motion detectors and transmits them to individual modules. TELENOT intruder alarm systems communicate in both directions, improving security and reliability. They include a web browser for configuration and include a wide range of radio peripherals. If you're looking for an intruder alarm system that fits your budget, the i-onG2SM is a great choice.

Alarm systems can be classified as hardwired or wireless. Many models have both. Others are hybrids, which incorporate both hardwired and wireless sensors. However, a hybrid system will need a keypad for basic operation and count toward the maximum number of zones. If you're looking for an intruder alarm control panel, you'll want to be sure to get one that's compliant with SIA standards.

The CA-4 control panel is an excellent option if your home's security needs are simple and don't require any communication or expansion options. It also has a built-in arming loop. It's worth noting that the images displayed are only representations. The actual product may vary slightly from the image. Please note that these images are provided for reference purposes only and are not intended to be representative of the product you'll receive.

Bells-only alarms

Bells-only intruder alarms are inexpensive but can still be a deterrent to burglars. These alarms work by making a loud sound when activated, but do not notify the homeowner if the burglar is inside. Bells-only alarms are good for people who enjoy a sense of neighbourhood security and a proactive watch. Dialer burglar alarms, on the other hand, contact the homeowner when triggered by a burglar or break-in. They can either send a pre-recorded message or a text message to the owner.

If a home security alarm is not enough, you can also choose to purchase a monitored system. With a monitored system, an alarm company will check the system to make sure that it is operating properly. If it is not working, the alarm detector will connect to an Alarm Receiving Centre, which is manned 24 hours a day by security experts. An operator will call your home and ask for a password to confirm whether the alarm is real.

Bells-only intruder alarms can help you avoid unwanted guests and criminals, while still maintaining a sense of security. They are a popular choice and are easily installed, making them an inexpensive alternative to monitored intruder alarms. They also reduce the homeowner's insurance premium by 10%. And if a burglar is in your home, your insurance provider will often repair the items that have been damaged by the alarm.

Wireless transmission of alarm messages

While long-range radio systems have been in use for decades, there is now the possibility of using broadband signaling. A broadband system uses a network of subscriber transceiver units to extend the range of a central station's signaling capabilities. The benefit is obvious: cost savings. Using broadband signaling for alarm reporting is also convenient, and can allow unlimited data transmission at no additional cost. Many sites with alarm installations no longer have conventional telephone lines, and a traditional alarm panel's phone dialer capabilities cannot work reliably over some VoIP services.

Another option for low-cost intruder alarm systems is the use of GSM/GPRS modules. These modules can communicate with existing intruder alarm control panels and send messages via TCP/IP. A GSM/GPRS module can be programmed from a mobile phone or a USB port. The module can also be used with existing intruder alarm control panels that have an in-built key switch arming loop.

Although the majority of IP Alarm transmission protocols are proprietary, a small number of them are supported by other systems. For example, the DC-09 protocol has been adopted by most US alarm manufacturers. The resulting standard is published as ANSI/SIA DC-09-2007. The DC-09 protocol provides an encoding scheme and transport mechanism for alarm messages and supports Contact ID. Using a dual signaling system is not necessarily a perfect solution, but is an increasingly popular method.


Unlike traditional security systems, a GSM/GPRS intruder alarm works by using a mobile network, not a wired network. Because this system uses a wireless connection, it can be installed in areas where telephone networks and cables are hard to work around. This can help keep the neighborhood safe, as well as alerting property owners and the police. The sound of a siren can be heard from far away and can even force burglars to flee.

A GSM/GPRS intruder alarm that uses a GPRS network can be installed anywhere, which makes it highly flexible and effective. GPRS detection systems work to protect the interior of a given premises, and can also send alerts to the owner and other selected individuals. The system is also capable of gathering information from various modules in a single place. GPRS alarms can send alerts by PUSH messages, so even if one of the channels is down, the alert will still reach its destination.

A GSM/GPRS intruder alarm works with the BoldNet network to connect to other devices. The BoldNet application uses a standard voice SIM and communicates through the GSM voice channel. The GSM Pager Plus supports six NO/NC inputs, one relay output, and programmable test signals. It supports a wide range of security systems and GPS/GLONASS trackers. Moreover, a GSM/GPRS intruder alarm can support different alert options, including voice, text, or a combination of all.

Web-based intruder alarm monitoring

With the development of new languages and APIs, web-based intruder alarm monitoring systems are gaining popularity. These systems are adaptable to many different hardware and network technologies. In addition, web-based intruder alarm monitoring systems provide greater adaptability than traditional intruder alarm systems. Here are the main benefits of web-based intruder alarm monitoring systems. You will be able to adjust settings according to your security requirements.

The most common features of intruder alarm systems include automatic arming and disarming and programming capabilities. The latest systems allow you to monitor your intruder alarms and respond to an unauthorized intrusion. Using an IP module, you can also communicate between the intruder alarm system and a remote monitoring station. Some IP modules connect directly to your existing control panel's main telephone line, while others are capable of transmitting SIA and ContactID protocols.

Wireless sensors are another great option. They are inexpensive and easy to deploy. Wireless sensors, such as infrared motion detectors, are more versatile than ever. They also detect weapons and other objects. In addition, they can track individual intruders and vehicles. With the right technology, you can have peace of mind. And don't forget to consider the costs of this type of intruder monitoring system.


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I absolutely love the burglar alarm services provided by Grip Electric Limited! They were so quick and efficient in installation and follow-up, and their customer service is outstanding. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a top-quality intruder alarm system.


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I had an amazing experience with Grip Electric Limited. They installed my burglar alarm system and there has not been a single day that I have not felt safe in my own home. The customer service is excellent and the installation was done very professionally. I am so happy with the services that I have recommended them to all of my friends and family. Thank you, Grip Electric Limited, for making me feel safe in my own home!


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I am very pleased with the burglar alarm / intruder alarm services provided by Grip Electric Limited. They were very professional and installed the system quickly and efficiently. I have had no problems with the system and it has worked perfectly. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable and effective security system. Thank you, Grip Electric Limited!


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Grip Electric Limited's burglar alarm and intruder alarm services are top-notch! They have quickly become our go-to company for all of our security needs. The customer service is excellent and the products are top quality. We highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a reliable security system. Thank you, Grip Electric Limited, for keeping our home safe!


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