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Door Entry System Benefits

If you're looking to secure your property, you might want to consider a Door Entry System. These devices allow you to lock and unlock your door when someone approaches the property. You can choose from video and audio door entry systems, as well as keypad or biometric systems. Here are some of the benefits of each type of system. Make sure to read the information below to find the right one for your property. After all, you'll never know who might be breaking in!

Video door entry systems

Using a video door entry system is convenient and safe for occupants. Audio alone may not be enough to recognize different types of visitors or to detect multiple people entering. With the latest technology, video door entry systems include mobile and remote functionality. By using a smartphone, occupants can grant access without having to be on the property. They can even turn away visitors if necessary. Video door entry systems are the perfect solution for security-conscious businesses and institutions.

Audio-only systems

If you are looking for the lowest-cost door entry solution, you may want to look into audio-only door entry systems. While they are not as sophisticated as video systems, they can still provide valuable security benefits. Audio-only systems are ideal for entry-level projects where cost is an important consideration. These systems are easy to install and offer a wide variety of benefits. Here are three reasons to choose audio-only door entry systems.

Keypad systems

Door entry systems use keypads to grant access to registered tenants and staff. However, many businesses need to allow guests to enter the building too. The easiest way to manage visitor access is through a virtual key system, where visitors can enter a special code in advance of their arrival. Moreover, virtual key systems are easy to use and update. They also provide a host of additional benefits. Here are the benefits of virtual key systems.

Biometric systems

Biometric systems are increasingly used for door entry systems. They work by verifying the user's biometric characteristics, which are unique to each person. Because they don't have to be shared or transferred, biometrics are a secure and accurate way to validate personnel. They are often used in high-security, low-population environments, and can be paired with access control card systems to provide dual-factor authorization.

Intercom systems

There are many benefits of using door entry intercom systems. Door intercoms are the perfect choice for all types of buildings, from apartment buildings to large office buildings with hundreds of doors. These devices offer a simple and flexible user interface, as well as high-volume destinations. In addition, they can be used to call tenants and visitors in the building directory. They can be installed in both new and existing buildings, as well as in commercial spaces such as retail stores.


A Door Entry System can provide a lot of benefits for your home or office, not to mention security. These systems save you time and hassle when letting people in and out of your property. There are many types of door entry systems available, each with different advantages. Here's a guide to door entry system costs, including installation. You should consider these factors to determine whether a door entry system is right for you. Read on to discover what the most expensive door entry system options are and how much you can save.