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Security Lighting and CCTV security system

If you are looking for security lighting and CCTV systems, then we can help. There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day of work only to find that your house has been broken into or there's an unexpected guest sleeping on the sofa! With our top-notch services in place at all times - including 24/7 monitoring by trained professionals- it will never happen again
We offer complete solutions; anywhere available across Australia with no contract necessary so don't hesitate any longer because time really does matter when dealing directly with safety

The presence of security lighting and a CCTV system in an area can be intimidating. These systems are designed to protect you from would-be burglars, so it's important that they work properly! Make sure all the equipment is up-to-date by calling our team today for help with installation or maintenance services - just give us 24 hours' notice before arrival at your location because we need time set aside during business hours

Standard benefits:
-Peace of mind knowing your home and loved ones are safe.
-Feel secure at night with a well-lit property.

Emotional benefits:
-Sleep better at night knowing you're safe and sound.

-Get to sleep easier at night, knowing you're protected.
-Never feel scared or unsafe in your own home again.

we are offering the following services for


  • Repair

  • Inspection

  • Testing

  • installation

  • Commercial

  • Maintenance

  • Complete Rewiring

  • Partial Rewiring

  • Complex Rewiring

  • Simple Rewiring

  • Full shop Rewiring

CCTV Systems and Lighting - How Much Light Do You Need?

While installing CCTV systems and lighting isn't a new concept, most homeowners are still unsure of how much light they need. After all, your home's security shouldn't be compromised for a little light. Experts recommend that the lighting needs to be plenty strong, with the inverse square rule being followed: for every double distance from a camera to its target, four times as much light is needed. That's why security lighting experts recommend a minimum of six lights per square meter.

Motion activated security light with WiFi camera

There are several types of motion-activated security lights with cameras available. Some are LEDs that provide basic protection for your home while others are PIR-based and offer starlight night vision. Professional security cameras offer high-definition images and can cover larger areas. They also do not require additional wires for installation. A security camera can make a world of difference for your home security. Regardless of the type you choose, a camera will protect your family and home, as well as your property.

Motion sensors work the same way in all types of security cameras. However, the lighting will increase the efficiency of these cameras. Motion-activated security light with a WiFi camera for CCTV systems from Ring has built-in lighting. The Ring Spotlight Cam can be installed with a hard-wired light fixture or a battery-powered option. It improves night vision and depth-of-field and delivers clearer imagery.

The wires of an outdoor security light with a WiFi camera for CCTV systems are usually of a different colour than the camera itself. This can be problematic, particularly if you are unfamiliar with electrical work. If you are unsure about your technical ability, you should seek the advice of an electrician. If you have no technical knowledge, you may want to purchase a wire-free camera that requires no wiring and can be installed without a junction box. The IP rating will indicate whether the security light is weather-resistant or not.

An Arlo Secure subscription plan allows you to monitor your security system and access it from any device. It starts at £2.99 per month for one camera and goes up to £9.99 per month for unlimited cameras. In addition to the motion-activated security light with a WiFi camera, you can also use it for home alarm purposes. These cameras are also compatible with DVR recording. If you're looking for a surveillance camera for your home, consider the Honeywell Home model. Most motion sensors are set up similarly, but the owners' manual should give you more specific instructions.

A Koda Security Camera with Motion-Activated Floodlight offers high-definition (1080p HD) video in crystal clear resolution, and night vision capabilities. With UltraSense motion detection technology, it minimizes false alerts by reducing false alarms. You can even use the app to view live and recorded video, control lighting and alarms, and communicate via a 2-way speaker. Moreover, you can manually record events.


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I had an amazing experience with Grip Electric Limited. I highly recommend their services to everyone. They are professional and efficient in everything they do. We had security lighting and CCTV security system installed and they did an excellent job. The work was done quickly and it was very reasonably priced. We are very happy with the results. Thank you, Grip Electric Limited!


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We are so happy with the security lighting and CCTV system that Grip Electric Limited installed for us! The whole experience was great from start to finish. Their customer service is excellent and they were very helpful in providing us with all the information we needed to make the best decision for our security needs. The installation process was quick and seamless, and we love the peace of mind that comes with knowing our home is well-protected. Thank you, Grip Electric Limited!


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I found the staff from grip electric limited very helpful, knowledgable and efficient. They have a wide range of products to suit various needs and budgets. The product was installed quickly and works perfectly. I highly recommend their services.


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emergency electrician trustpilot stars

I couldn't be happier with the security lighting and CCTV security system that Grip Electric Limited installed at my home. The installer was prompt, professional and courteous. He explained everything thoroughly and made sure I was completely satisfied before he left. The lights have deterred would-be burglars on several occasions, and the CCTV system has given me peace of mind. I highly recommend Grip Electric Limited to anyone who is looking for a top-notch security system.