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✅ 24/7 Emergency Electrical Assistance
✅ Diagnosing Electrical Issues
✅ Fuse Box Repair and Replacement
✅ Electrical Certification (EICR)
✅ Electric Cooker Setup
✅ Complete or Partial Home Rewiring

✅ Electric Shower Installation
✅ Electrical Inspection & Testing
✅ Electric Wall Heater Installation
✅ Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Installation
✅ Indoor/Outdoor Power Socket Installation
✅ Electrical Maintenance Agreements

✅ Extractor Fan Setup
✅ Single and Three-Phase Electrical Services
✅ Security Lighting & CCTV Systems
✅ Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation
✅ Comprehensive Home Electrical Services
✅ Full-Scale Commercial Electrical Services


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An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Cost Guide

Factors Affecting EPC Costs:

  1. Type and Size of Property:

    Larger properties generally require more detailed assessments, and the EPC cost may be higher. The type of property (e.g., house, flat, commercial building) also influences the cost.

  2. Location:

    Prices can vary based on the location and accessibility of the property. Urban areas may have more EPC assessors, leading to potentially lower costs.

  3. Assessor's Fee:

    The assessor's fee is a significant component of the total cost. Assessors set their own rates, so it's advisable to obtain quotes from different assessors to find a competitive price.

  4. Urgency and Scheduling:

    If you need the EPC urgently, some assessors may charge additional fees for expedited services. Scheduling during peak times may also affect costs.

  5. Additional Services:

    Some assessors offer additional services, such as providing recommendations for improving energy efficiency. These services may come at an extra cost.

Typical Cost Range:

  • Residential Properties:

    For a standard residential property, the cost of obtaining an EPC typically ranges from 60 to 120. The exact cost will depend on the factors mentioned above.

  • Commercial Properties:

    Commercial EPC costs can vary widely based on the size and complexity of the building. It's not uncommon for commercial EPC assessments to cost several hundred pounds.

How to Obtain an EPC:

  1. Find an Assessor:

    Search for qualified and accredited assessors in your area. You can find assessors through online directories or recommendations.

  2. Request Quotes:

    Contact multiple assessors to get quotes. Provide details about your property to receive accurate estimates.

  3. Check Accreditation:

    Ensure that the assessor is accredited and registered with an official accreditation scheme, such as the Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) scheme.

  4. Schedule the Assessment:

    Once you've chosen an assessor, schedule the assessment at a convenient time. The assessment typically takes a couple of hours, during which the assessor will examine the property's features and take measurements.

  5. Receive the EPC:

    After the assessment, the assessor will provide you with the EPC along with recommendations for improving energy efficiency.


The cost of obtaining an EPC can vary, and it's essential to consider factors like property size, location, and assessor fees. Obtaining quotes from multiple assessors will help you find a competitive price. Keep in mind that an EPC is a valuable document for property owners, providing insights into energy efficiency and potential cost-saving measures.