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Old unsafe fusebox

that fusebox is not safe that fusebox normally contains unplug able fuses which can be removed and if the fuse blows then that fuse wire can be rewired that fusebox is not protecting you and your family from electric shock and fire here are some of the unsafe fusebox examples

Plastic Consumer Unit

Consumer unit is little better than fusebox that protects you from electric shock but those consumer units are not fire rated so they will not protect you from in terms of fire because that consumer unit body is made of plastic and that adds up fuel in burning and melts itself and its surroundings here is an example of plastic melted consumer unit

Metal RCD consumer unit

That is the current recommended metal consumer unit According to BS 7671 18th Edition that protects you from electric shock and fire hazard in case of if fire originated from consumer unit if any fire ignites from metal consumer unit it will contain all the fire in its own and also protects from electric shock as well

Fuse box to RCD Consumer Unit Replacement Upgrade Update cost

Home Fusebox Upgrade Services

Are you in need of a home fusebox upgrade? If so, you should consider hiring a professional to do the work. Fuseboxes can be prone to loosening, causing partial power outages. They can also become faulty, causing partial power outages or even an entire house to go dark. You should also check for MCBs and Arc fault circuit interrupters. They will help you determine if the current fuses are adequate for the protection of your home.


Many homeowners don't realize that they have to upgrade the MCBs in their home's electrical panel to avoid the possibility of fire. While MCBs aren't mandatory in every home, they are an important safety precaution. Fuse boxes aren't equipped to accommodate the new devices, which are known as MCBs. MCBs can only be installed in circuit breaker panels and cannot be retrofitted to a fuse box.

Arc fault circuit interrupters

One of the best ways to protect your home from electric shock and fire is by putting arc fault circuit interrupters (AFDD) into your home's electrical panel. You may already have them installed, but you can also purchase combo devices that provide both ground fault protection and overload protection. These can be installed anywhere in the home, and can cost anywhere from £25 to £60 per breaker. Both types have reset buttons, so you can change them out as needed.

Surge protection

If you're looking for surge protection but don't know where to begin, it's time to contact a professional electrician. Home fuseboxes are a central hub for electrical activity and should be professionally upgraded to increase their safety and performance. A professional electrician can take apart a fuse box and determine exactly what needs to be changed. A new fuse box will have extra slots for surge protectors. And, if your current breaker panel doesn't have enough space for an upgraded panel, they can install an additional one in the load center for you.

Choosing a Fuse Box

The type of fuse box you choose should match your specific needs. A good fuse box will not take up too much space, and most of them are designed with pre-drilled holes. Whether you're installing it in a new house or renovating an old one, you should choose one with the correct type of connections. It should also be durable and waterproof - after all, no one wants to keep buying a new device just because the old one broke.

Single-pole fuse box

If you're looking for a new fuse box for your home, you'll first need to decide how many circuits the panel must handle. The number of circuits will determine the size of the panel and its capacity. If you don't know how much power certain appliances or fixtures consume, consult an electrician. Single-pole fuses are the most common type. Listed below are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a new one.

Rectangular fuse

A rectangular fuse box can be used for different applications. If an appliance has a fuse that is pinned, it will protect the circuit so that the other appliances on the circuit can continue to operate. You can find rectangular pinned plug fuses in different ratings - three amps, five amps and thirteen amps. When you are choosing a rectangular pinned plug fuses, it is important to note that the size of the fuse is not as important as the fuse link, which is a component of the box.

Tube fuse

The screw-in type of fuse is commonly used in older homes, and is a great choice because it's easy to change. It screws into the socket like a light bulb and has two basic thread sizes, and they are easy to recognize. You can bring your old fuse with you to the store when you purchase the new one, and there are adapters available for big-sized sockets. Make sure to check the fuse box's size before replacing one.


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