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How and where can I find emergency electrical repair services in Area?

As Grip Electric Limited, we understand the urgency of electrical issues. To access our emergency electrical repair services in Area, please contact our customer service. If you provide us with your specific postcode, we can swiftly dispatch our skilled technicians to address your electrical needs promptly. Trust Grip Electric Limited for reliable and efficient emergency electrical repairs.

Who provides or handles emergency electrician services in the Area with the specified postcode?

We provide and handle emergency electrician services as company Grip Electric Limited in Area.

Why is an emergency electrician call-out important or needed in the Area?

An emergency electrician call-out service is important in any postcode area for several reasons:

  • Safety: Electrical emergencies can pose serious risks such as electric shocks, fires, or other hazards. Immediate professional intervention is critical to prevent injury or property damage.
  • Convenience: Sudden electrical issues can severely disrupt daily life and business operations. Quick access to emergency electricians helps restore normalcy and minimizes inconvenience.
  • Local Response: Electricians familiar with the specific area Area can respond faster due to their knowledge of the local geography and infrastructure, which is particularly valuable in an emergency.
  • Preventive Action: Skilled electricians can also identify potential risks and advise homeowners and businesses on preventive measures to avoid future emergencies.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Electrical work must comply with national and local regulations. Emergency electricians ensure all repairs follow these standards, helping property owners avoid legal and insurance issues.
  • Community Support: Access to emergency services reinforces community resilience, ensuring that residents and businesses have the support they need in unforeseen circumstances.

Having emergency electricians available for call-outs in every postcode and area like Area ensures that all communities have timely support to handle unexpected electrical problems safely and effectively.

What to do in an electrical emergency?

In the event of an electrical emergency, it is imperative to have means for emergency switching off of any part of an installation where it may be necessary to control the supply to remove an unexpected danger. Here are the key actions to take based on the 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations:

  • Emergency Switching Off: Suitable means should be provided for the emergency switching off of installations to control the supply and remove unexpected danger. This may involve a risk of electric shock or other electrical risks (Regulation 465.1).
  • Disconnection of Live Conductors: The emergency switching off must disconnect all live conductors, with an exception provided in Regulation 461.2 by a device suitable for isolation (Regulation 465.2).
  • Direct Action on Supply Conductors: The means for emergency switching off shall act as directly as possible on the appropriate supply conductors. The arrangement shall be such that one single action will interrupt the appropriate supply (Regulation 465.3).
  • Immediate Interruption: An interrupting device should be installed in a way that it is easily recognizable and can be effectively and rapidly operated in case of danger where immediate interruption of the supply is necessary (Regulation 132.9).
  • Disconnecting Devices: Disconnecting devices should be provided to permit switching and/or isolation of the electrical installation circuits or individual items of equipment as required for operation, inspection, testing, fault detection, maintenance, and repair (Regulation 132.10).
  • Prevent Mutual Detrimental Influence: The electrical installation should be arranged to ensure no mutual detrimental influence occurs between electrical and non-electrical installations. Electromagnetic interference should be taken into account (Regulation 132.11).

In summary, when faced with an electrical emergency, the key action is to immediately switch off the source of electricity to the affected installation by using an emergency switch-off device designed for such purposes. This should be a single action that directly disconnects all live conductors, to reduce the risk of electrical shock and to control other electrical risks. Furthermore, ensuring rapid accessibility and operation of the interrupting device can be critical in preventing injuries or damage during an electrical emergency. To comply with these standards, appropriately labeled and accessible disconnecting devices should be an integral part of the electrical installation's design.

Are electrical faults a source of heat?

Yes, electrical faults can be a significant source of heat and may cause harmful effects such as heat accumulation, heat radiation from hot components or equipment, and the failure of electrical equipment such as protective devices, switchgear, thermostats, temperature limiters, seals of cable penetrations, and wiring systems. It is also noted in the regulations that the heat generated by such faults may lead to overcurrents. Protection of persons, livestock, and property against these harmful effects is a general requirement outlined in the regulations. The harmful effects of heat or fire that may be generated or propagated in electrical installations should be addressed by adhering to manufacturers' instructions in addition to the requirements of BS 7671, which is the British Standard for electrical wiring.

What is electrical services?

Within the context of the 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations, electrical services refer to the aspects associated with the selection and erection of electrical supply systems for safety services and electrical safety sources. The scope of this includes general requirements for the safety services themselves, which are systems designed to ensure the safety and protection of people and property in the event of an emergency, such as fire detection and alarm systems or emergency lighting. It's important to note that standby electrical supply systems are considered outside the scope of this designation.

What does an electrical safety check involve?

An electrical safety check involves a comprehensive inspection and testing of an electrical installation to assess its condition and to ensure safety regulations are being complied with. This process covers various checks, Outlined by the 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations, these checks include:

  • Operation of main switch(es) for functional checks.
  • Manual operation of circuit-breakers and Residual Current Devices (RCDs) to prove disconnection.
  • Confirmation that the integral test button/switch causes RCD(s) to trip when operated (functional check).
  • Checking that RCD(s) provided for fault and additional protection are in place – this includes Residual Current Circuit Breakers with Overcurrent protection (RCBOs).
  • Presence of RCD six-monthly test notice at or near the equipment where required, ensuring users are aware of how and when to test the device.
  • Presence of diagrams, charts, or schedules at or near the equipment where required, to give clear and instructive details about the electrical system.
  • Appropriate devices for functional switching and the clear identification (location and/or durable marking) of the installation circuit or part thereof to be disconnected.
  • Suitability of permanently connected equipment in terms of Ingress Protection (IP) and fire ratings.
  • Ensuring enclosures are not damaged or deteriorated in a way that impairs safety.
  • Confirmation of overvoltage protection (Surge Protective Devices, SPDs) provided where specified.
  • Presence of non-standard (mixed) cable colour warning notice at or near the appropriate distribution board where required.

These checks are an essential part of maintaining the safety of an electrical installation and should be periodically performed following the guidelines set out in BS 7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations.

Why circuit breaker keep tripping?

A circuit breaker may trip frequently due to an overcurrent in the circuit conductors. As per the 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations, a protective device, like a circuit breaker, is required to break any overcurrent before it can cause danger due to thermal or mechanical effects which are detrimental to the insulation, connections, joints, terminations, or the surroundings of the conductors. The term "overcurrent" encompasses both overload current, which is when too many devices or appliances draw power beyond the capacity of the circuit, and a fault current, such as a short circuit or ground fault.

If a circuit breaker trips often, it could indicate one of the following issues:

  • Overload: Connecting too many devices to a circuit that collectively draw more current than the circuit is rated to handle.
  • Short Circuit: When a hot wire (usually black or red color) touches another hot wire or a neutral wire (white), it can cause a large amount of current to flow and lead to a short circuit.
  • Ground Fault: Similar to a short circuit, a ground fault occurs when a hot wire touches the ground wire (bare copper) or the metal box connected to the ground wire.
  • Circuit Breaker Problems: The breaker itself may be faulty or too sensitive.
  • Electrical Faults: Loose connections, damaged wires, or faults in connected appliances can also lead to tripping.

When experiencing frequent trips, it is crucial to identify and resolve the underlying cause, which might require the expertise of a qualified electrician.

is there a power cut in my area?

To find out if there is a power cut in your area, please consider the following options:

  • Check with your Electricity Distribution Network Operator (DNO): The UK is divided into regions, each with its own DNO. You can find out which DNO covers your area and contact them directly, or check their website, as they usually offer live updates on power cuts and estimated restoration times.
  • Use the Power Cut Checker service: You can visit the website or call '105', which is a free service that directly connects you to your local electricity network operator to report power cuts or damage to electric power lines and substations that could put you, or someone else, in danger.
  • Look at your local council's website or social media channels: Some local councils provide updates on local services, including power cuts.
  • Ask your neighbors: If the power outage is localized, you can check with your neighbors to see if they are also experiencing a power cut.

If there is indeed a power cut, it's important to follow safety guidelines, such as avoiding the use of candles for lighting (in favor of battery-operated torches), not opening your freezer or fridge (to keep food cold), and securing any alternate heating or lighting sources if the power outage is expected to last for a prolonged period.

What does electrical burning smell like?

The smell of electrical burning, often referred to as an 'ozone smell', is difficult to describe but it's often likened to the scent of burnt plastic or burnt rubber. It can also present a metallic or excessively 'clean' aroma. This distinctive smell is typically associated with a variety of electrical faults such as short circuits, overloaded circuits, or aged electrical systems that are in need of maintenance or replacement. Ozone, whilst normally present in our atmosphere in small quantities, is produced in larger amounts when electricity is discharged into the air. This is why one might smell a 'burning' odour when there's an electrical malfunction.

If you catch a whiff of an electrical burning smell, it is imperative to act promptly in order to safeguard your household. Turn off the electrical power supply immediately and proceed to identify any overheated appliances or scorched electrical outlets. In the event that you're unable to find the source of the smell, or if the smell persists even after turning off power and isolating any suspect appliances, it is highly recommended to call a professional electrician to address the issue.

Remember, the smell of electrical burning isn't just unpleasant — it's an indication of a potential safety hazard and should not be ignored.

What do flickering lights mean?

Flickering lights can mean various things and it often indicates issues with your electrical system. The causes can range from minor, such as a fluctuation in voltage or a loose bulb, to major ones like a problem with the electrical wires, circuit or the light fixture itself. It is also possible that a large appliance in the house could be pulling too much power on startup, causing the lights to flicker momentarily.

Can flickering lights cause a fire?

Yes, in certain circumstances, flickering lights can lead to a fire. If the flickering is caused by faulty wiring or a problem with your home's electrical system, it could potentially cause a spark. If this spark comes into contact with flammable materials, it might lead to a fire. It's important to note that regular and persistent flickering is not normal and should be inspected by a qualified electrician to prevent any serious safety risks, such as a fire.

What causes flickering lights?

There are multiple causes for flickering lights. Some of these include:

  • Voltage Fluctuation: If the voltage to your light fixture fluctuates significantly, your lights may flicker. This can occasionally occur when a power-hungry appliance such as a washing machine or microwave is switched on.
  • Loose Bulbs: Sometimes, the simplest reason is the cause. A loose lightbulb can cause your lights to flicker and can be solved by just tightening the bulb.
  • Faulty Light Switch: If only one light is flickering, the light switch connected to that light may be faulty.
  • Loose Electrical Wiring: Loose or exposed wiring can not only flicker your lights but also lead to potential fires.

In any case, persistent flickering should be inspected by a professional electrician to ascertain the cause and mitigate any potential risks.

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(Longlane) (Yattendon) (Crookham) (Headley) (Plastow Green) (Arborfield Cross) (Arborfield Garrison) (Shinfield) (Whitley) (Whitley Wood) (Bagnor) (Ball Hill) (Beedon) (Boxford) (Brightwalton) (Broad Laying) (Burgh-clere) (Catmore) (Chaddleworth) (Chieveley) (Combe) (Compton) (Crux Easton) (Downend) (East End) (East Ilsley) (East Woodhay) (Enborne) (Halfway) (Hamstead Marshall) (Highclere) (Kingsclere) (Leckhampstead) (Lilley) (Bolton-le-Sands) (Silverdale) (Yealand Conyers) (Yealand Redmayne) (Nine Elms) (Purton) (Purton Stoke) (Aldbourne) (Huish) (Alton Priors) (Avebury) (Axford) (Baydon) (Beckhampton) (Burbage) (Buttermere) (Cadley) (Chisbury) (Clench Common) (Collingbourne Ducis) (Collingbourne Kingston) (Crofton) (Durley) (East Grafton) (East Kennett) (Everleigh) (Fosbury) (Froxfield) (Great Bedwyn) (Beechingstoke) (East Chisenbury) (Easton Royal) (Enford) (Hilcott) (Longstreet) (Manningford Abbots) (Manningford Bohune) (Manningford Bruce) (Milton Lilbourne) (North Newnton) (Woodborough) (Rushall) (Upavon) (Wilcot) (Wilsford) (Holme) (Brockholes) (Golcar) (Hepworth) (Holmfirth) (Honley) (Linthwaite) (Marsden) (Meltham) (Netherthong) (New Mill) (Scholes) (Slaithwaite) (Thurstonland) (Upperthong) (Chilworth) (Coxford) (Lordshill) (Lordswood) (Nursling) (Rownhams) (Upton) (Whestead) (Ireby) (Borwick) (Bullpot Farm) (Burton in Lonsdale) (Burton-in-Kendal) (Cantsfield) (Capernwray) (Casterton) (Chapel-le-Dale) (Clawthorpe) (Cowan Bridge) (Farleton) (Hutton Roof) (Ingleton) (Kearstwick) (Killington) (Kirkby Lonsdale) (Leck) (Lupton) (Mansergh) (Melling) (Nether Burrow) (Emley) (Cowmes) (Denby Dale) (Highburton) (Kirkburton) (Lane Head) (Lepton) (Shelley) (Shepley) (Skelmanthorpe) (Upper Denby) (Alburgh) (Great Green) (Needham) (Piccadilly Corner) (Redenhall) (Starston) (Wortwell) (Brockdish) (Bush Green) (Dickleburgh) (North Green) (Pulham Market) (Pulham St Mary) (Scole) (Shimpling) (Thelveton) (Thorpe Abbotts) (Blo Norton) (Bressingham) (Burston) (Fersfield) (Garboldisham) (Gasthorpe) (Gissing) (North Lopham) (Shelfanger) (Short Green) (Smallworth) (South Lopham) (Walcot Green) (Winfarthing) (Barleyhill) (Broomhaugh) (Healey) (Hedley on the Hill) (Newton) (Mickley Square) (Painshawfield) (High Spen) (Highfield) (Lintzford) (Winlaton Mill) (Blackmoor) (East Liss) (Empshott) (Greatham) (Hawkley) (Hill Brow) (Liss Forest) (Longmoor Camp) (Rake) (Aydon) (Dilston) (Stagshaw Bank) (Halton) (Headley Down) (Kingsley) (Lindford) (Oakhanger) (Sleaford) (Standford) (Whitehill) (East Clandon) (Newlands Corner) (Shalford) (Sutton Green) (West Clandon) (Laleham) (East Meon) (Stroud) (Weston) (Froxfield Green) (High Cross) (Langrish) (Ramsdean) (Sheet) (Steep) (Steepmarsh) (Stoner Hill) (West Meon) (Ovingham) (Ovington) (West Wylam) (Allens Green) (High Wych) (Bepton) (Robins) (Cocking) (Didling) (Easebourne) (Heyshott) (Iping) (Redford) (South Ambersham) (Stedham) (Treyford) (West Lavington) (Woolbeding) (Flexford) (Henley Park) (Normandy) (Pitch Place) (Puttenham) (Wanborough) (Wood Street) (Worplesdon) (Beacon Hill) (Grayshott) (Eastwick) (Gilston Park) (Little Parndon) (Coopersale Common) (Epping Green) (Epping Upland) (Fiddlers Hamlet) (North Weald Bassett) (Theydon Bois) (Thornwood Common) (Tylers Green) (Buriton) (Elsted) (Rogate) (Chithurst) (East Harting) (Nursted) (Nyewood) (South Harting) (Trotton) (Bramshott) (Conford) (Milland Marsh) (Passfield) (Clint) (Dacre) (Stean) (Bewerley) (Birstwith) (Bishop Monkton) (Bishop Thornton) (Bland Hill) (Brearton) (Burnt Yates) (Burton Leonard) (Clap Gate) (Copgrove) (Dacre Banks) (Darley) (Fewston) (Follifoot) (Glasshouses) (Greenhow Hill) (Hampsthwaite) (Heyshaw) (Ingerthorpe) (Kettlesing) (Kettlesing Bottom) (Northaw) (Ridge) (South Mimms) (Churchgate Street) (Foster Street) (Hastingwood) (Matching) (Matching Green) (Matching Tye) (Potter Street) (Threshers Bush) (Goffs Oak) (Flamstead End) (Hammond Street) (Leigh) (Bishopstone) (Castle Eaton) (Cricklade) (Hannington) (Hannington Wick) (Highworth) (Inglesham) (Latton) (Marston Meysey) (Sevenhampton) (Stanton Fitzwarren) (Upper Inglesham) (Watchfield) (Danby Wiske) (East Cowton) (Gatenby) (Great Fencote) (Great Langton) (Hutton Bonville) (Kirkby Fleetham) (Leeming) (Leeming Bar) (Little Fencote) (Londonderry) (Morton-on-Swale) (Newby Wiske) (North Cowton) (Romanby) (Scruton) (South Otterington) (Streetlam) (Thornton-le-Moor) (Thrintoft) (Warlaby) (Yafforth) (Brook) (Chilbolton) (Horsebridge) (Houghton) (Kings Somborne) (Leckford) (Little Somborne) (Longstock) (Middle Wallop) (Nether Wallop) (Newton Stacey) (Over Wallop) (Stockbridge) (Up Somborne) (Agglethorpe) (Aiskew) (Arrathorne) (Askrigg) (Aysgarth) (Bainbridge) (Bardan) (Bellerby) (Burneston) (Burill) (Burtersett) (Caldbergh) (Carperby) (Carthorpe) (Castle Bolton) (Constable Burton) (Cotterdale) (Countersett) (Hunton) (Popham) (Barton Stacey) (Barton Stacey Camp) (Bullington) (Chilcomb) (Colden Common) (Crawley) (East Stratton) (Egypt) (Hensting) (Hursley) (Itchen Abbas) (Martyr Worthy) (Micheldever) (Morestead) (Otterbourne) (Owslebury) (Shawford) (Standon) (Olivers Battery) (Littleton) (Weeke) (Kings Worthy) (Winnall) (Lasham) (Alresford) (Beech) (Bentworth) (Binsted) (Blacknest) (Chawton) (East Tisted) (East Worldham) (Filmore Hill) (Four Marks) (Golden Pot) (Hattingley) (Holt End) (Holybourne) (Lower Farringdon) (Lower Froyle) (Medstead) (Neatham) (Newton Valence) (Privett) (Selborne) (Shalden) (Soldridge) (South Town) (Curbridge) (Hedge End) (West End) (Rowly) (Shere) (Albury Heath) (Bramley) (Farley Green) (Gomshall) (Grafham) (Peaslake) (Shamley Green) (Stroud Common) (Wonersh) (Great Parndon) (Roydon Hamlet) (Aldfield) (Ilton) (Thirn) (Azerley) (Binsoe) (Bridge Hewick) (Colsterdale) (Copt Hewick) (Eavestone) (Ellingstring) (Fearby) (Galphay) (Grantley) (Grewelthorpe) (High Burton) (High Ellington) (Hutton Conyers) (Kirby Hill) (Kirkby Malzeard) (Marton-le-Moor) (Low Burton) (Leighton) (Littlethorpe) (Netley) (Bursledon) (Hamble-le-Rice) (Hound) (Locks Heath) (Lower Swanwick) (Old Netley) (Park Gate) (Sarisbury) (Swanwick) (Warsash) (Tyburn) (Cotteridge) (Stirchley) (Woodgate) (Scotton) (Bishops Waltham) (Brockbridge) (Corhampton) (Curdridge) (Droxford) (Exton) (Hillpound) (Long Common) (Lower Upham) (Meonstoke) (Newtown) (Shedfield) (Shirrell Heath) (Soberton) (Soberton Heath) (Swanmore) (Upham) (Waltham Chase) (Warnford) (Wintershill) (Cadnam) (Totton) (Winsor) (Bartley) (Calmore) (Colbury) (Copythorne) (Eling) (Hounsdown) (Marchwood) (Netley Marsh) (Newbridge) (Pooksgreen) (Testwood) (Woodlands) (Boldre) (Hordle) (Lymore) (Pilley) (Tiptoe) (Battramsley) (Downton) (Everton) (Keyhaven) (Lower Pennington) (Looe) (Milford on Sea) (Portmore) (Setley) (Beaulieu) (Hill Top) (Bucklers Hard) (East Boldre) (St Leonards Grange) (Bolderwood) (Bramshaw) (Emery Down) (Fritham) (Stoney Cross) (Minstead)

(BR1) (CR2) (DA14) (E1) (E11) (E12) (E17) (E5) (EC1A) (EC1N) (EC1V) (EN1) (EN4) (HA0) (HA1) (HA4) (IG11) (KT1) (KT4) (N10) (NW8) (RM1) (SE1) (SE11) (SE12) (SW10) (SW11) (SW13) (TW13) (UB1) (W12) (W1D) (BR3) (BR4) (BR5) (BR6) (BR7) (CR4) (CR5) (CR7) (CR8) (DA15) (DA16) (DA17) (DA18) (DA6) (DA7) (DA8) (E13) (E14) (E15) (E16) (E18) (E1W) (E2) (E3) (E6) (E7) (E8) (EC2M) (EC2N) (EC2V) (EC3M) (EC4A) (EC4M) (EC4V) (EN2) (EN3) (EN5) (HA2) (HA3) (HA5) (HA6) (HA7) (HA8) (HA9) (IG1) (IG2) (IG3) (IG4) (IG5) (IG6) (IG7) (IG8) (KT2) (KT3) (KT5) (KT6) (KT9) (N12) (N13) (N14) (N15) (N17) (N18) (N19) (N1C) (N20) (N22) (N3) (N4) (N5) (N6) (N7) (N9) (NW1) (NW10) (NW2) (NW3) (NW5) (NW6) (NW9) (RM10) (RM11) (RM12) (RM13) (RM14) (RM2) (RM3) (RM5) (RM6) (RM7) (RM8) (RM9) (SE10) (SE13) (SE14) (SE15) (SE16) (SE17) (SE18) (SE20) (SE21) (SE22) (SE23) (SE24) (SE26) (SE27) (SE4) (SE5) (SE6) (SE8) (SE9) (SM1) (SM2) (SM3) (SM4) (SM5) (SM6) (SW12) (SW14) (SW15) (SW16) (SW17) (SW18) (SW19) (SW1A) (SW1P) (SW1V) (SW1X) (SW1Y) (SW2) (SW20) (SW3) (SW4) (SW5) (SW8) (SW9) (TN16) (TW1) (TW10) (TW11) (TW12) (TW14) (TW2) (TW3) (TW4) (TW5) (TW7) (TW8) (TW9) (UB10) (UB11) (UB2) (UB3) (UB4) (UB5) (UB6) (UB7) (UB8) (W10) (W11) (W13) (W14) (W1C) (W1F) (W1G) (W1H) (W1J) (W1K) (W1S) (W1T) (W1U) (W1W) (W2) (W4) (W5) (W6) (W8) (W9) (WC1A) (WC1B) (WC1E) (WC1H) (WC1N) (WC1R) (WC1V) (WC1X) (WC2A) (WC2B) (WC2E) (WC2H) (WC2N) (WC2R)

Surrey areas

(Caterham) (Warlingham) (Farnham) (Camberley) (Lightwater) (Bagshot) (Guildford) (Windlesham) (Woking) (Virginia Water) (Haslemere) (Cranleigh) (Godalming) (Esher) (Cobham) (Walton-on-Thames) (Weybridge) (West Byfleet) (Addlestone) (Chertsey) (Epsom) (Tadworth) (Ashtead) (Leatherhead) (Thames Ditton) (West Molesey) (East Molesey) (Redhill) (Reigate) (Betchworth) (Dorking) (Horley) (Lingfield) (Oxted) (Banstead) (Sunbury-on-Thames) (Shepperton) (Staines) (Egham) (Caterham-on-the-Hill) (Rock) (Frensham) (Ash) (Leys) (Abernyte) (Ardtrostan) (Blisland) (Dunmere) (Davidstow) (Ripley) (Chobham) (Boscoppa) (Rame) (Worplesdon) (Achnafauld) (Shere) (Avielochan) (Airor) (Chiddingfold) (Bracora) (Aberchalder) (Farr) (Belowda) (Crabtree) (Shop) (Baston) (Blair Atholl) (Glendoebeg) (Caol) (Achnasaul) (Bodinnick) (Barholm) (Hatt) (Bocaddon) (Effingham) (Menabilly) (Port Gaverne) (Bohenie) (Blackdown) (Brockham) (Bogroy) (Capel) (Antony) (Broadwoodwidger) (Haye) (Alrick) (Achurch) (Boconnoc) (Beacon Park) (Bellever) (Bittaford) (Dava) (Foss) (Aldclune) (Badyo) (Balliemore) (Braes of Foss) (Dunalastair) (Inverhadden) (Killiecrankie) (Kinloch Rannoch) (Lassintullich) (Milton of Dalcapon) (Moulin) (Port na Craig) (Tempar) (Tressait) (Tummel Bridge) (Bodieve) (Burlawn) (Chapel Amble) (Egloshayle) (Little Petherick) (New Polzeath) (Penrose) (Pityme) (Polzeath) (Rumford) (St Breock) (St Ervan) (St Issey) (St Minver) (Stoptide) (Trebetherick) (Tredinnick) (Trevanson) (Trewornan) (Rhumach) (Back of Keppoch) (Druimindarroch) (Morroch) (Portnaluchaig) (Folksworth) (Hampton) (Whittlesey) (Yaxley) (Arthurstone) (Burrelton) (Campmuir) (Coupar Angus) (Craigieholm) (Keillor) (Keithick) (Kettins) (Markethill) (Pitcur) (Springfield) (Whitefield) (Woodside) (Ballindean) (Craigdallie) (Inchture) (Kinnaird) (Knapp) (Littleton) (Altarnun) (Bathpool) (Bennacott) (Bolventor) (Boyton) (Brazacott) (Bridgetown) (Canworthy Water) (Caudworthy) (Chapmans Well) (Clubworthy) (Coads Green) (Codda) (Congdons Shop) (Cross Green) (Downhead) (East Panson) (Egloskerry) (Fivelanes) (Gridley Corner) (Kennards House) (Ladycross) (Laneast) (Langore) (Cray) (Lair) (Achalader) (Ashmore) (Ballinluig) (Ballintuim) (Balmyle) (Balvarran) (Blacklunans) (Bridge of Cally) (Clunie) (Concraigie) (Craigie) (Dalmunzie Hotel) (Dalnacarn) (Dalnaglar Castle) (Dalrulzian) (Enochdu) (Finegand) (Forneth) (Kindrogan Field Centre) (Kinloch) (Kirkmichael) (Lornty) (Auchinner) (Carroglen) (Comrie) (Culloch) (Cultybraggan Camp) (Dalchruin) (Dalginross) (Dunira) (Invergeldie) (Langside) (Lawers) (Mill of Fortune) (Ross) (St Fillans) (Tighnablair) (Tullybannocher) (Cardinham) (Helland) (Hellandbridge) (Lane-end) (Lanivet) (Luxulyan) (Maidenwell) (Michaelstow) (Mount) (Nanstallon) (Pendoggett) (Redmoor) (Row) (Ruthernbridge) (St Breward) (St Kew) (St Kew Highway) (St Lawrence) (St Mabyn) (St Teath) (St Tudy) (St Wenn) (Sweetshouse) (Temple) (Hallworthy) (Helstone) (Lanteglos) (Marshgate) (Otterham) (Tremail) (Tresinney) (Tresparrett) (Tresparrett Posts) (Trewassa) (Valley Trudde) (Rockhead) (Trebarwith) (Treligga) (Trewalder) (Westdowns) (Bossiney) (Trewarmett) (Carlyon Bay) (Charlestown) (Holmbush) (St Austell) (Trewoon) (Cawsand) (Cremyll) (Freathy) (Kingsand) (Millbrook) (Mount Edgcumbe) (St Davids) (Aldville) (Amulree) (Auchnacloich) (Auchnafree) (Ballinlick) (Birnam) (Butterstone) (Corrymuckloch) (Dalguise) (Dalmarnock) (Drumour) (Garrow) (Kincraigie) (Little Dunkeld) (Milton) (Newton) (Riechip) (Scotston) (Trochry) (Ballechin) (Balmacneil) (Balnaguard) (Dowally) (Edradynate) (Grandtully) (Guay) (Kindallachan) (Little Ballinluig) (Logierait) (Pitnacree) (Strathtay) (Tulliemet) (Caggan) (Coylumbridge) (Doune) (Granish) (Inverdruie) (Kinrara) (Polchar) (Aultvoulin) (Camusrory) (Glasnacardoch) (Inverguseran) (Inverie) (Kinlochmorar) (Kylesknoydart) (Kylesmorar) (Tarbet) (Mallaigvaig) (Mol-chlach) (Sandaig) (Stoul) (Swordland) (Harris) (Kilmory) (Bracorina) (Lettermorar) (Meoble) (Morar) (Coille Mhorgil) (Greenfield) (Inchlaggan) (Kinloch Hourn) (Mandally) (Munerigie) (Newtown) (Tomdoun) (Insh) (Achlean) (Alvie) (Balavil) (Balnespick) (Drumguish) (Feshiebridge) (Gaick Lodge) (Inveruglass) (Killiehuntly) (Kincraig) (Lynaberack) (Lynchat) (Ruthven) (Tolvah) (Bilberry) (Bodwen) (Boswinger) (Bugle) (Carthew) (Coombe) (Foxhole) (Gorran Churchtown) (Gorran Haven) (Hewas Water) (High Street) (Lockengate) (Mevagissey) (Nanpean) (Penare) (Pentewan) (Penwithick) (Polgooth) (Polmassick) (Portholland) (Porthpean) (Retew) (Roche) (Ruddlemoor) (Crugmeer) (Ongar) (Porthcothan) (St nMerry) (Tregolds) (Trevone) (Crowland) (Deeping Gate) (Deeping St James) (Langtoft) (Market Deeping) (West Deeping) (Bridge of Tilt) (Calvine) (Dalchalloch) (Duinish) (Forest Lodge) (Pitagowan) (Sronphadruig Lodge) (Struan) (Trinafour) (Achagavel) (Achaphubuil) (Achintee Ho) (Achleek) (Achnalea) (Achriabhach) (Aryhoulan) (Banavie) (Blaich) (Blar aChaorainn) (Blarmachfoldach) (Camasnacroise) (Camusnagaul) (Claggan) (Clovullin) (Corpach) (Corran) (Corrychurrachan) (Druimarbin) (Drumfern) (Duisky) (Fassfern) (Garvan) (Altura) (Ardachvie) (Brackletter) (Bunarkaig) (Clunes) (Gairlochy) (Glendessary) (Inver Mallie) (Invergloy) (Kilfinnan) (Killiechanate) (Laggan) (Letter Finlay) (Murlaggan) (Rathliesbeag) (Strathan) (Stronenaba) (Tirindrish) (Golant) (Lescrow) (Polruan) (Braceborough) (Careby) (Carlby) (Collyweston) (Duddington) (Easton on the Hill) (Greatford) (Tallington) (Uffington) (Wilsthorpe) (Blunts) (Botusfleming) (Cargreen) (Carkeel) (Landrake) (Landulph) (Markwell) (Pillaton) (St Dominick) (St Germans) (St Mellion) (St Stephens) (Tideford) (Trematon) (Trerule Foot) (East Looe) (Lanreath) (Lansallos) (Morval) (Muchlarnick) (Pelynt) (Polperro) (Porthallow) (Sandplace) (St Martin) (Trenewan) (West Looe) (Widegates) (Bylane End) (Common Moor) (Darite) (Dobwalls) (Doublebois) (Duloe) (East Taphouse) (Henwood) (Herodsfoot) (Horningtops) (Lamellion) (Ley) (Menheniot) (Middlehill) (Minions) (Pengover Green) (Pensilva) (Quethiock) (St Cleer) (St Ive) (St Keyne) (St Neot) (St Pinnock) (Par) (Penpillick) (Polkerris) (St Blazey) (St Blazey Gate) (Tywardreath) (Tywardreath Highway) (Portquin) (St Endellion) (Trelights) (Aundorach) (Dell Lodge) (Lainchoil) (Lettoch) (Sliemore) (Bohuntine) (Craigbeg) (Fersit) (Inverroy) (Leckroy) (Moy) (Roughburn) (Roybridge) (Turret Bridge) (Albaston) (Calstock) (Chilsworthy) (Latchley) (St Anns Chapel) (Bradstone) (Cudliptown) (Dunterton) (Felldownhead) (Gulworthy) (Higher Walreddon) (Horndon) (Horsebridge) (Lamerton) (Longcross) (Mary Tavy) (Merrivale) (Milton Abbot) (Morwellham) (North Brentor) (Peter Tavy) (Sydenham Damerel) (Warren House) (Whitchurch) (Willsworthy) (Ardler) (Auchtertyre) (Balendoch) (Meigle) (Newbigging) (Newtyle) (Dalnahaitnach) (Duthil) (Slochd) (Sluggan) (Auchgourish) (Cullachie) (Drumuillie) (Kinveachy) (Crafthole) (Downderry) (Hessenford) (Polbathic) (Portwrinkle) (Seaton) (Sheviock) (St John) (Chillaton) (Kelly) (Marystow) (Tinhay) (Ashton) (Bray Shop) (Downgate) (Golberdon) (Harrowbarrow) (Kelly Bray) (Linkinhorne) (Luckett) (Newbridge) (Rilla Mill) (South Hill) (Stoke Climsland) (Trevigro) (Alyth) (Auchavan) (Balhary) (Bamff) (Bellaty) (Bridge of Brewlands) (Bridge of Craigisla) (Dykends) (Folda) (Forter) (Glenhead Farm) (Jordanstone) (Kirkton of Glenisla) (Leitfie) (New Alyth) (Shanzie) (Tullyfergus) (Tullymurdoch) (Apethorpe) (Armston) (Aynho) (Barnwell) (Blatherwycke) (Chacombe) (Charlton) (Chipping Warden) (Cotterstock) (Culworth) (Elton) (Fotheringhay) (Greatworth) (Hemington) (Kings Sutton) (Kings Cliffe) (Lower Benefield) (Marston St Lawrence) (Middleton Cheney) (Newbottle) (Oundle) (Polebrook) (Sibson) (Bridgend) (Couchs Mill) (Lanlivery) (Lerryn) (Penpoll) (St Veep) (West Taphouse) (Ford) (Home park) (keyham) (North Prospect) (Pennycross) (Bere Alston) (Bere Ferrers) (Buckland Monachorum) (Crapstone) (Dousland) (Hexworthy) (Horrabridge) (Meavy) (Milton Combe) (Postbridge) 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West Sussex areas

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