Fuse box to RCD Consumer Unit NEXT DAY Replacement Upgrade Update cost 2020

What is the difference between a old unsafe fuse box, consumer unit and metal consumer unit?

Old unsafe fusebox 

that fusebox is not safe that fusebox normally contains unplug able fuses which can be removed and if the fuse blows then that fuse wire can be rewired that fusebox is not protecting you and your family from electric shock and fire here are some of the unsafe fusebox examples 

old unsafe fusebox
old unsafe fusebox

Plastic Consumer Unit 

Consumer unit is little better than fusebox that protects you from electric shock but those consumer units are not fire rated so they will not protect you from in terms of fire because that consumer unit body is made of plastic and that adds up fuel in burning and melts itself and it surroundings here is an example of plastic melted consumer unit 

Metal RCD consumer unit

That is the current recommended metal consumer unit According to BS 7671 18th Edition that protects you from electric shock and fire hazard in case of if fire originated from consumer unit if any fire ignites from metal consumer unit it will contain all the fire in its own and also protects from electric shock as well 

Fuse box to RCD Consumer Unit Replacement Upgrade Update cost 2020

Normal house consumer unit cost 2020 is in between £400 to £600 plus VAT and material depending on number of circuits give us a call to book a visit or you can send us pictures of your fusebox or consumer unit then we can guide you accordingly 

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