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Plug Sockets in Thailand

Thailand uses several types of plug sockets and electrical outlets primarily depending on the region. Here's an overview of the plug types in Thailand:

Type A:

Type A plugs feature two flat parallel pins and are used for devices with two-pin non-grounded plugs. These plugs are common in North and Central Thailand.

Type B:

Type B plugs also have two flat pins but they are slightly larger and come with a grounding pin. They are used for devices with three-pin grounded plugs. Type B outlets can be found in some areas in Thailand.

Type C:

Type C plugs with two round pins are the European standard. While less common they are used in some hotels and older buildings in Thailand.

It's important to note that the standard voltage in Thailand is 220 V with a frequency of 50 Hz. If your device uses a different type of plug you will need a plug adapter. If your device operates at a different voltage you may also need a voltage converter or transformer to ensure it functions correctly and doesn't get damaged.

When traveling to Thailand it's a good idea to bring the appropriate adapters and converters if needed to ensure your electronic devices can be used safely and effectively.

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