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How Long Can White Wine Stay in the Fridge?

Storing white wine in the fridge is a common practice, especially for serving it chilled. However, how long white wine can stay in the fridge without affecting its quality depends on several factors. Here's a closer look at the recommended storage duration for white wine in the fridge:

Short-Term Refrigeration

White wine can be stored in the fridge for short periods, typically 3-5 days, without significant loss of quality. This short-term storage is suitable for chilling white wine before serving or keeping an opened bottle fresh for a few days.

Factors Affecting Quality

Several factors can impact the quality of white wine during refrigeration:

Extended Refrigeration

For longer storage or aging, it's not advisable to keep white wine in a standard refrigerator for an extended period. The cold temperature in a typical fridge (around 35-38°F or 1-3°C) is too low for the optimal aging of white wine. Prolonged exposure to such low temperatures can affect the wine's aging process and potentially alter its flavor profile.


White wine can be stored in the fridge for short periods of 3-5 days without significant quality loss, making it suitable for chilling or keeping an opened bottle fresh. For longer storage or aging, it's best to invest in proper wine storage solutions, such as wine coolers or cellars, which provide the right temperature and conditions to preserve the wine's character and aging potential.

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