Why is my cooker, dishwasher, oven, fridge, freezer, iron, washing machine, microwave, hob, extractor fan, kitchen hood, boiler, under floor electric heating, appliance tripping electric?

So all appliances which are made of metal body all the appliances are connected to the earth wires as well so if anybody is working and if your appliance metal body is not under an influence of voltage you're RCD will not trip but as soon as your appliance metal body receives a voltage then it will cause the RCD to trip to protect you from an electric shock so try to disconnect that applies and try to turn on your electrics again if the fuse box RCD allowes you to trun on then it's fine and discontinue that appliance but if it doesn't work then there is some problem inside your wire so you need to call an emergency electrician to sort out this problem  

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